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Senate Indian Affairs Committee Chair Takes FCC to Task for Communication With Tribes

'You need to get a little better about talking to and listening to native communities," the chairman told the FCC.

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Broadband's Impact8 mins ago

Reason 4 to Attend Broadband Mapping Masterclass: Measuring Actual Speeds

The 4th of 5 reasons to attend the Broadband Mapping Masterclass with Drew Clark on 9/27 at 12 Noon ET

Broadband's Impact3 days ago

Dianne Crocker: Recession Fears Have Real Estate Market Forecasters Hitting the Reset Button

Growing fears of recession trigger pullback on previous rosy forecasts.

Broadband Roundup3 days ago

Kenosha Gets Fiber, Judiciary Committee Advances Journalism Bill, Rosenworcel Touts Women in Tech

SiFi Networks will construct an all-fiber network for 40,000 households in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Broadband Mapping & Data3 days ago

62% of Americans Have Access to High-Speed 5G, Says New BroadbandNow Map

The company says its map is based on millions of M-Lab speed tests conducted over a six-month period.

Broadband's Impact3 days ago

Reason 3 to Attend Broadband Mapping Masterclass: State Maps vs. Federal Maps

The 3rd of 5 reasons to attend the Broadband Mapping Masterclass with Drew Clark on 9/27 at 12 Noon ET

Broadband Mapping & Data3 days ago

Panelists at Broadband Breakfast Event Urge the FCC Mapping Fabric Be Made Public

They objected to being required to help build CostQuest’s database, but are unable to utilize database for their own benefit.

Broadband Mapping & Data4 days ago

Federal Court Denies Challenge to FCC Selection of CostQuest as Mapping Contractor

A federal judge ruled that CostQuest made no misrepresentations in its bid for the FCC mapping contract.

Broadband Mapping & Data4 days ago

Nation’s Most Accurate Broadband Map Will Come from FCC Challenge Process: NTCA

'Using the right information at the right time, we’re going to get to a better place.'

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

ReConnect Funding, More Emergency Connectivity Fund Money, 5G Training Grant in South Africa

The Agriculture Department announced $502M will go to service providers in 20 states.

Broadband's Impact4 days ago

Reason 2 to Attend Broadband Mapping Masterclass: Aren’t There Other Databases?

The 2nd of 5 reasons to attend the Broadband Mapping Masterclass with Drew Clark on 9/27 at 12 Noon ET

Privacy5 days ago

Led by Wyden, Democrats Call on NTIA to Reform Privacy Standards for .US Domains

The Democratic legislator called on NTIA end the automatic disclosure of .US web domain users’ personal information.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Biden Wants American at ITU, FCC Acts Against Chinese Telecom, Mid-Band Spectrum Needed

Doreen Bodgan-Martin is running to head the United Nations’ technology regulator.

Innovation5 days ago

Labor Official Sees Benefits in Virtual, Augmented Reality for Workforce Training

The virtual tools are being used to prepare workers coming out of lockdowns during the pandemic.

Broadband's Impact5 days ago

Reason 1 to Attend the Broadband Mapping Masterclass: Ripping the Fabric

The 1st of 5 reasons to attend the Broadband Mapping Masterclass with Drew Clark on 9/27 at 12 Noon ET

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

Chips Act Hires, Telehealth Key to Address Birth Mortality, Ookla Rates 5G in College Towns

The White House announced six hires to take charge of $52-billion semiconductor program.

Fiber6 days ago

New Whitepaper Shows Long Wait Times for Fiber Construction Materials

The Fiber Broadband Association has said there is up-to 60 weeks of wait for materials necessary for fiber deployment.

Broadband Mapping7 days ago

FCC Challenge Process Important for Getting Accurate Maps, Says Technology Policy Institute

Better and more up-to-date information can come from harmonizing existing data sets, updated whenever a given map has new information.

Rural7 days ago

Republican Congressmen Criticize NTIA, FCC Absence at Farm Bill Hearing

'Their absence is noted, and it illustrates their indifference towards the needs of rural Americans and our rural communities.'

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

Digital Asset Regulation, Texas Social Media Law Upheld, WISPA Endorses California Tech Neutral Bill

The White House released a "comprehensive framework" for the regulation of digital assets.

FCC7 days ago

Broadband Labels Should Include Practical Applications of Internet Packages: MIT Researchers

The FCC's broadband label might include the number of movies one can watch at a time with a certain plan.

Privacy1 week ago

EU’s Digital Services Act May Be a Model for the United States

The Digital Services Act imposes transparency requirements and other accountability measures for tech platforms.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

California Social Media Law, Rosenworcel Deep in Space, Changes at I3 Connectivity Explorer

The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom will limit the online collection of children’s data.

Broadband Mapping & Data1 week ago

Broadband Mapping Masterclass on September 27, 2022

Learn how your ISP and community can avoid the broadband mapping trainwreck.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

SEC Adds Crypto Offices, Google’s Antitrust Appeal Rejected, State Farm Invests in ADT

The SEC will add industry offices that are focused on crypto assets, and industrial applications and services. 

FTC2 weeks ago

FTC Forum Hears Evidence that U.S. Should Follow European Union Privacy Model

The agency is proposing to use its own authority to regulate tech platforms for their 'commercial surveillance'.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Big Fight Over Costs of Pole Attachments Pits New Entrants Against Utilities

Many of the commenters urge the FCC to change the standards it uses for cost-sharing of pole replacements.

Digital Inclusion2 weeks ago

White House Presses Outreach Initiatives for Affordable Connectivity Program

White House officials urged schools and other local institutions to engage in text-message and social media campaigns for the ACP.

Free Speech2 weeks ago

Panel Hears Opposing Views on Content Moderation Debate

Some agreed there is egregious information that should be downranked on search platforms.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

Twitter Whistleblower Says Company Needs to Work to Permanently Delete User Data

Meanwhile, Twitter shareholders approved a deal to sell the company to Elon Musk, who wants out.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

New Lumen CEO, Ericsson Testing Drones, Starlink Challenges FCC on RDOF

Johnson will replace former CEO Jeff Storey, who announced his retirement after a 40-year career.

WISP2 weeks ago

Wisper Internet CEO Takes Issue With Federal Government Preference for Fiber

Wisper CEO Nathan Stooke said the attitude to connect more Americans should be to let the “best technology win.”

5G2 weeks ago

5G Connected Traffic Structures Will Facilitate Safer, Environmentally Friendly Travel: Industry

The release of more spectrum will help move autonomous vehicles forward.

Expert Opinion2 weeks ago

Jeff Pulver and Noah Rafalko: A Humble Request to the FCC on Robocalls

Blocking bad actors requires a whole new way of thinking, the authors say in this ExpertOp exclusive to Broadband Breakfast.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Affordable Connectivity Program Fraud, Biden Touts Intel Plant, Cybersecurity in Schools

An FCC watchdog report said some service providers were signing up multiple people on one person's information for ACP benefits.

Fiber2 weeks ago

North Carolina Officials Tout Recent Investments in Rural Fiber

North Carolina hopes to achieve 80 percent subscription to broadband services among its citizens.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

A White House Event, Biden Administration Seeks Regulation of Big Tech

Participants voiced concerns over alleged abuses by big tech companies.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

New Hampshire Awards, Journalism and Content Moderation, Truth Social Roadblocks

This is New Hampshire’s second round of Treasury Department's Capital Projects Funds, following a $50 million award in June.

Broadband Mapping & Data3 weeks ago

FCC’s Fabric Challenge Process Important Part of Getting Map Right, Agency Says

Despite confidence in its mapping fabric, an FCC panel said the challenge process is important.

Funding3 weeks ago

NTIA Middle Mile Director Stresses Need for Infrastructure to Withstand Climate Events

The director of the middle mile program said applicants must show "climate resilience" to get funding.

Broadband Roundup3 weeks ago

Cogent Buys T-Mobile Wireline, $81 Million from Emergency Connectivity Fund, Digital Redlining Study

T-Mobile is focusing on its wireless business, while Cogent wants to eventually replace its leased network.