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Middle East

Trump Administration Condemns Iran’s Restrictions on Internet, Contrary to the Views of Candidate Trump

WASHINGTON, January 4, 2018 – As the government of Iran continues to restrict internet access to hinder anti-government protesters’ ability...

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5G14 hours ago

Celebrating Progress on 5G, the FCC’s Brendan Carr Urges Broadband Mapping

5G crusader Commissioner Brendan Carr voiced pride in the FCC’s focus on 5G over the past four years

Section 2302 days ago

Democrats Use Whistleblower Testimony to Launch New Effort at Changing Section 230

The Justice Against Malicious Algorithms Act seeks to target large online platforms that push harmful content.

Broadband Roundup2 days ago

Democrats Frustrated with Biden Inaction on FCC, Comcast Gets 10 Gbps, Louisiana Wants Widespread Broadband

Democrats frustrated with Biden's delay on FCC, Comcast tests 10 Gbps speed, Louisiana wants 75% more broadband in six years.

Open Access3 days ago

UTOPIA Fiber Goes to Court in Utah Over American Fork’s Build Permit Refusals

Fiber builder says it has been denied permits that have harmed it and its customers, despite an existing city agreement.

Innovation3 days ago

Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Industries as Connectivity Ceases To Be Limiting Factor

Panelists at a WCA event last month said IoT will transform a trillion-plus dollar segment of the economy.

Broadband Roundup3 days ago

AT&T Hurricane Survey, FCC Announces $1.1B from Emergency Connectivity Fund, Comcast’s Utah Plans

AT&T copper facilities suffered significant damage after Ida, FCC's second round of ECF, and Comcast's expanded plans for low-income Utahns.

5G4 days ago

FCC’s Rosenworcel On Need to Accelerate Movement Toward 5G and Beyond

The acting chairwoman said the country needs to move quickly to adopt 5G for future technologies.

Infrastructure4 days ago

Minnesotans Yearn for Connectivity in Small Cities Not Traditionally Considered Rural

A league of municipalities rep told Senator Amy Klobuchar that some small cities with lots of tourists need connectivity.

WISP4 days ago

WISPAPALOOZA Show Reopens in Las Vegas With Celebrations of Can-Do Broadband Connectivity

Many WISPs are no longer merely "wireless" internet service providers, but offer fiber-optics in a hybrid solution.

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

Facebook Changes and Second Whistleblower, Comcast’s Spam Call Feature, AT&T Picks Ericsson for 5G

Facebook is nudging teens away from harmful content, Comcast's new spam call blocker, AT&T goes with Ericsson for standalone 5G.

#broadbandlive4 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 12 Noon ET — On The Ground at Wispapalooza

At our October 13, 2021, event, we'll discuss trends toward hybrid technology and government grants by WISPs.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Cox’s Wireless Deal with Verizon Dies, Apple Appeals Epic Games Case, AT&T’s Fiber Investment

AT&T invests in rural broadband, Cox Communications is unable to partner with Verizon on wireless, and Apple appeals its federal...

Broadband's Impact5 days ago

Steve Lacoff: A New Standard for the ‘Cloudification’ of Communications Services

The cloudification of communications services makes it easy to include voice, data, SMS, and video within any existing service.

Big Tech5 days ago

OECD Ratifies Global 15% Digital Tax Rate, Aims For 2023 Implementation

The OECD finalized an earlier agreement that would impose a 15% tax on companies operating in 136 member nations.

Digital Inclusion1 week ago

Digital Inclusion Week Highlights Focus on Broadband-Disconnected Urban Residents

Most Americans benefitting from federal spending on rural broadband are white non-Hispanic Americans, says NDIA.

Smart Cities1 week ago

FCC Asks for Public Comment on Spectrum for Internet of Things

Internet of Things devices are expected to increasingly flood the market as 5G networks light up.

Health1 week ago

Senate Subcommittee Hears Broadband Affordability, Regulatory Flex Key to Reducing Hospital Burdens

Health providers testified before a Senate subcommittee that Congress should be open to all forms of telehealth.

Rural1 week ago

FCC Announces $163 Million in Second Round of Approved RDOF Funding

The agency is reevaluating winning bids after asking providers to ensure census blocks aren't already served.

Infrastructure1 week ago

Observers Wrangle with Whether Bipartisanship on Broadband Infrastructure Will Last

Concern that pandemic only temporarily heightened broadband awareness in Washington.

Expert Opinion1 week ago

Jonathan Marashlian: The Legal Landscape Emerging for Robocalls Under the TRACED Act

The biggest risk is likely to come through enforcement actions by state attorneys general and civil litigation, says Marashlian.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

O’Rielly ‘Perplexed’ By Delay in Rosenworcel Decision, China Mobile Domesticating Contracts, AT&T Partners with Frontier

Former FCC commissioner confused by Biden, China Mobile only choosing Huawei and ZTE, and AT&T partners with Frontier.

Fiber1 week ago

Comcast Business Says It’s Expanding Into Fiber Builds in Greater Washington Area

The company is putting millions more into fiber infrastructure in the Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia areas.

Broadband's Impact1 week ago

President of Land O’Lakes Reflects on Experience in Rural America and Her Drive for Better Broadband

Beth Ford spoke at the ACA Connects' Independent Show on Wednesday.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

City Loses Case for Streaming Revenues, 1/3 Get News from Facebook, Open Broadband Project

Ashdown wanted share of streaming revenues, chunk of Americans regular consumers of news on Facebook, Open Broadband project takes off.

Social Media2 weeks ago

Congress Must Force Facebook to Make Internal Research Public, Whistleblower Testifies

Frances Haugen testifies in front of the Senate studying protecting kids online after revealing herself as Facebook whistleblower.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

NTIA Asking ISPs to Pitch What Broadband Services They Offer For $288M Broadband Infrastructure Program

The agency said it hopes to better target areas in need of adequate connectivity.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

FCC Kicks Off 3.45 GHz Spectrum, Facebook Wants FTC Complaint Tossed, BAI Closes Mobilitie Buy

More mid-band spectrum is being auctioned off, Facebook says no evidence of monopoly, BAI gets regulatory approval for Mobilitie buy.

Expert Opinion2 weeks ago

Mike Harris: Investing in Open Access Fiber Optics is Investing in the Future

Chattanooga’s municipal broadband network has delivered $2.7 billion in social and economic benefits during its first decade.

#broadbandlive2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 12 Noon ET — What’s Happening at Wispapalooza?

The Las Vegas trade show Wispapalooza 2021 is back from October 11-October 14, 2021, and it's bigger than ever.

Broadband Mapping & Data2 weeks ago

Service Providers Should Partner with Organizations to Comprehend Broadband Data

For companies to have successful builds, they need to ensure they know how to interpret their data.

Rural2 weeks ago

Varying Technologies Needed to Make Widespread Public Library Wi-Fi a Reality

From direct fiber connections to low-earth orbit satellites, libraries can provide public Wi-Fi through varying means.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Infrastructure Bill Delayed, Facebook’s Whistleblower Unveils, GDPR Fines Rise

Infrastructure bill does not see expected vote Thursday, Facebook's whistleblower reveals herself, GDPR has huge fines.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Broadband Panelists Say Public-Private Partnerships Provide Unique Solutions for Regional Needs

Some experts believe that public-private models may provide answers for municipalities struggling to narrow the digital divide.

FCC2 weeks ago

FCC Votes on Proposals Ranging From Emergency Response to SIM Swap Fraud in Open Meeting

The agency held an open meeting Thursday to hammer out votes on a range of issues.

Congress2 weeks ago

With Congress Debating Trillions, a Community Guide to Federal Broadband Funding has put together a handy overview of broadband programs - current and pending.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Christopher Ali on Infrastructure Bill, FCC Approves Telehealth Money, Boost Intros 5G Phone

Author of Farm Fresh Broadband talks considerations for infrastructure funding, FCC approves 72 telehealth apps, Boost Mobile's 5G device.

Open Access2 weeks ago

SiFi Networks Announces $2 Billion Plan to Put 30 Cities On Their Network

SiFi Networks uses private capital, at no cost to taxpayers, to fund its open access model.

Open Access2 weeks ago

Open Access Model Can Leverage Historic Funding to Drive Broadband Expansion

Even though the models are not yet mainstream, some experts praise them for their unique advantages.

Spectrum2 weeks ago

House Democrats Introduce Bill to Free Up Mid-Band Spectrum for Auction, Flexible Use

The bill would ensure adequate mid-band spectrum is available for commercial use to expand broadband availability.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Broadband Summit Hears How Partnerships Accelerate Infrastructure Rollout

The Broadband Communities Summit heard stories from coops, including the obstacles and keys to success.