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House Oversight Reveals Details of Investigation into Colonial Pipeline, Other Company Hacks

The committee released a memo stating that “small lapses” led to many prominent cyberattacks this year.

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FCC2 days ago

FCC Watchdog Finds Evidence of Fraud in Emergency Broadband Benefit

Inspector General report finds "dozens" of cases of EBB abuse across the country.

Broadband Roundup2 days ago

Date Set for Sohn Hearing, Criticism of Tech Legislation, New ILSR Leadership

Sohn and Biden NTIA nominee Alan Davidson will undergo confirmation hearings next Wednesday.

Broadband Roundup3 days ago

TPI New Broadband Map, Justice Dept. Stands for Section 230, Ericsson Looks to Acquire Vonage

TPI released their broadband map, which tracks speeds, availability, and adoption rates across the country.

Wireless3 days ago

Verizon, TracFone Deal Gets FCC and California Approval

The companies agree to consumer protection measures as conditions of the transaction.

#broadbandlive4 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on December 15, 2021 — Public-Private Partnerships and Broadband Deployment

One of the most important recent developments in the deployment of broadband infrastructure.

#broadbandlive4 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on December 8, 2021 — Implementation of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act

In this event, we'll explore the perspective of the NTIA and state agencies charged with implementing IIJA.

#broadbandlive4 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on December 1, 2021 — How the Telecom and Tech Industries Should Approach Privacy

Our Broadband Breakfast Live Online events take place on Wednesday at 12 Noon ET. You can watch the December 1, 2021,...

Section 2304 days ago

Experts Warn Against Total Repeal of Section 230

Panelists note shifting definition of offensive content.

Broadband Roundup4 days ago

Broadband in Build Back Better, ISPs Customers Exposed to Hackers, Rural ISP Funding in Louisiana

Another $1 billion in broadband expansion funds could be available in the Build Back Better Act, which passed the House...

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

House Passes Reconciliation Bill, State AGs Investigate Instagram, Broadband’s Q3 Rebound

President Biden’s social safety net and climate package now faces hurdles in the Senate.

FCC1 week ago

FCC Requires Telecom Companies to Let Subscribers Text to Suicide Prevention Hotline

The measure would increase access for those seeking emergency mental health assistance.

FCC1 week ago

Senators, Citing Funding Influx, Press Need to Confirm Rosenworcel

Senators pointed to FCC's initiatives on mapping, which will need to be good to maximize federal funds for broadband.

Blockchain1 week ago

Facebook Lobbying Congress on Blockchain Policy

The registration comes after the company rebranded to Meta, taking it beyond its social media origins.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Need for Infrastructure Bill Accountability, California Broadband Projects, Broadband In Wisconsin

Rural advocates are asking for accountability for infrastructure bill spending on broadband.

Broadband's Impact1 week ago

Sunne McPeak: Achieving True Digital Equity Requires Strong Leadership and Sincere Collaboration

Collaboration between community leaders will be essential in ensuring success of the Biden infrastructure bill in California.

House of Representatives1 week ago

Telecom, Online Marketplace Consumer Protection Bills Pass House Committee

Among the bills sent to the House, the committee passed two on telecom and one on consumer safety.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Huawei Responds to Sanctions, Fiber Satisfaction Study, Fiber Project in California

The Chinese telecom manufacturer is looking at licensing its designs to another company amid cratering profits.

Broadband Mapping & Data1 week ago

FCC Commissioning Mobile Wireless and Fixed Broadband Data for Better Mapping

The agency released a statement of objectives earlier this month.

FCC1 week ago

Eighty Civil Society Groups Ask for Swift Confirmation of FCC, NTIA Nominees

The groups sent a letter emphasizing the need for internet access expansion ahead of Wednesday confirmation hearings.

Cybersecurity1 week ago

Cyber Officials Reiterate Need for Private-Public Sector Cyber Threat Information Sharing

Calls are growing louder for mandatory breach reporting for cybersecurity incidents.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

Industry Reacts to Infrastructure Signing, DISH Signs Carriage Deal with Sinclair, Bring Your Own RAN

Industry reactions to Biden's signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 on Monday.

Funding2 weeks ago

President Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill at White House, Touting Better Broadband

President Biden celebrated $65 billion for broadband deployment.

Funding2 weeks ago

Bigger Investment Needed for Next Generation 9-1-1 Services, Experts Say

Former head of NTIA said it could cost $12 billion.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Infrastructure Bill Signing, CT Small Businesses Lack Internet, Pennsylvania Broadband Office

The White House is holding a signing ceremony for President Biden to sign the infrastructure bill into law.

Funding2 weeks ago

Another $700 Million for 26 States Through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund

Over 400,000 locations across the U.S. will get broadband in this funding wave.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Biden Signs Chinese Equipment Ban, Aviation on C-Band, Michael Copps Op-Ed

The newly signed bill puts the U.S. on the offensive against Chinese companies such as Huawei and ZTE.

Broadband's Impact2 weeks ago

Frank Gornick: Valley Leaders Join State to Bring Ubiquitous Broadband to the San Joaquin Valley

Bringing internet capability to communities throughout the San Joaquin Valley is the focus of a new effort.

Broadband Mapping2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Panel Emphasizes Need for Better Mapping to Maximize Infrastructure Bill Money

Funds made available by the infrastructure bill will not need solid maps to make spending efficient, experts agree.

Funding2 weeks ago

Commerce Secretary Raimondo Emphasizes Affordability, Fiber in Infrastructure Bill Press Briefing

Raimondo said to expect relatively quick turnaround on broadband affordability and job creation, longer timeline on fiber buildouts.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Bluepeak Starts Fiber Construction in OK, Hawaii’s Broadband Maps, UK Broadband Partnership

Bluepeak is investing $25 million in a high-speed broadband network in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Wireless2 weeks ago

University of Notre Dame Launches SpectrumX to Expand Radio Spectrum Research

The project is funded by a National Science Foundation grant and keeps diversity and inclusion in mind for its research...

Wireless2 weeks ago

Dish Reiterates Need for Full Three-Year Phase-out of Sprint Network

Supply chain issues are impacting Dish's ability to bring on new customers, company says.

Open Access2 weeks ago

Bristol, Connecticut, Considers Using Rescue Plan Funds For Citywide Open Access Network

City’s technology staff has been working with a consultant to draft design recommendations for the fiber network.

Big Tech2 weeks ago

Experts Caution Against One Size Fits All Approach to Content Moderation

Cost of moderation another factor as to why some experts say standardized content moderation policies may not work for all.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Americans Want Action on Monopolies, Robinhood Data Breach, Nationwide Comcast Outages

Tim Wu said 'supermajority' of Americans think government needs to address monopolies.

Spectrum2 weeks ago

More Experts Weigh In On Possibility 12 GHz Band Can Be Shared with 5G Services

More experts weight in on the debate about whether the 12 GHz band can coexist with 5G operations.

Robocall2 weeks ago

Charging for Call Whitelisting Could Hamper Robocall Fight, Small Provider Says

Small provider says cost and fast-moving deadlines making it hard to implement robocall regulations.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Concern about Rip and Replace, China Telecom Appeals Expulsion, Clarity on Student Privacy

Rural Wireless Association is concerned rip and replace will not compensate for costs related to supply chain and labor issues.

Expert Opinion2 weeks ago

Will Rinehart: Early Reports Show the Emergency Broadband Benefit is Not Reaching Its Intended Audience

A new county-level data and maps will help researchers and leaders understand impacts of the EBB program.

#broadbandlive2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 — Unpacking the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act

The passage of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act presents an unparalleled opportunity for advocates of Better Broadband, Better Lives.