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Utah Ignite Leverages Partnership with Smart Cities Fabrication Lab for Broadband Growth

February 14, 2021 – Orem, Utah, enjoyed a better-than-expected economic year in 2020, partly thanks to technology-focused resources offered in...

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Broadband's Impact14 hours ago

Fiber Broadband Association Kicks Off Fiber Connect 2021

The FBA doled out numerous awards during its first general session of the event.

Broadband Roundup16 hours ago

FCC C-Band 5G Licenses, Proposed Antitrust Bill Harms Startups, Klobuchar Bill Takes Heat

FCC prioritizes mid-band spectrum, proposed antitrust bill will damage startups, Amy Klobuchar's proposed Section 230 reform takes on heat.

Cybersecurity19 hours ago

House Energy Committee Approves Series of Cyber Bills to Improve Telecom Security

The committee approved five bills dealing with protecting networks and educating the public on cyberattacks.

Exclusive3 days ago

Exclusive Drew Clark Column: Treasury Regulations Stir Battle Over Broadband Speeds

Sticking with the current FCC minimum, the proposed rule still leans into Biden administration talk of symmetrical speeds.

Antitrust4 days ago

Explainer: Antitrust Heats Up as Biden Selects Tech Critic Jonathan Kanter for Top Enforcement Spot

In the fourth in a series of explainers, Broadband Breakfast examines the Biden administration's intent to bash Big Tech.

International4 days ago

International Data Localization Laws Harm Emerging Tech Businesses

Experts advocate a new framework that better accommodates the global tech economy by removing data localization barriers.

Big Tech5 days ago

Proposed Bill Takes Aim at Misinformation on Social Media Platforms

Sen. Amy Klobuchar introduced a bill Thursday to remove Section 230 protections for vaccine misinformation.

Expert Opinion5 days ago

Craig Settles: Libraries, Barbershops and Salons Tackle TeleHealthcare Gap

Craig Settles describes the important role that community institutions have played in promoting connectivity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#broadbandlive5 days ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 12 Noon ET — What’s What at Fiber Connect?

The Broadband Breakfast team will interview several attendees from Fiber Connect in this special on-the-scene report.

Broadband Roundup5 days ago

Infrastructure Bill With Higher Speeds, 5G Apple Phones, California Broadband, FTC Bill

Leaked infra proposal has base 100 Mbps speeds, Apple's phones getting 5G, Newsom signs broadband bill, FTC money recovery bill.

Broadband Roundup6 days ago

FCC Eyes Cuban Radio Interference, Euro Court on Google Antitrust, Blog Says Passive Infrastructure Needed

FCC investigating radio interference on island, Euro court to decide on Google in November, FSF says passive infrastructure access needed.

Infrastructure6 days ago

Congress Must Support Multiple Broadband Technologies, Wireless Association Says

Debate has pitted certain tech over others, but the WIA says all broadband tech must be considered.

Infrastructure6 days ago

Inflationary Pressures Increasing Difficulty of Closing Digital Divide, Officials Say

Government officials say inflationary pressures may make connecting rural America harder than previously anticipated.

FCC6 days ago

Former FCC Chairmen Hope for Rebirth of Tax Certificate That Bolstered Minority Voices on Broadcast

Recent conversations about revamping the program are inspired by the possibility of growth in diversity in broadcasting.

Broadband Roundup7 days ago

Cox CEO Leaving, ISPs Spent $234M on Lobbying, Fixed-Wireless As Key to Bridge Divide

CEO Esser to step down, ISPs spent $234 million lobbying in two years, fixed-wireless as solution to digital divide.

Infrastructure7 days ago

Lumen Responds to Allegations it Underbuilds While Collecting Public Funds

The Communications Workers of America is accusing Lumen of underinvesting in broadband while taking public money.

Spectrum1 week ago

Companies Clash Over Spectrum Sharing in 12 GHz Spectrum Band

Satellite service provider Dish, which is open to 12 GHz for mobile, recently signed a network sharing deal with AT&T.

Broadband Roundup1 week ago

China Hacking, Small Business Struggling with Broadband Minimum, Rosenworcel on Spectrum Priority

Biden admin accuses China of hacking, FCC's minimum broadband insufficient for small businesses, Jessica Rosenworcel says midband is priority.

Artificial Intelligence1 week ago

Int’l Ethical Framework for Auto Drones Needed Before Widescale Implementation

Observers say the risks inherent in letting autonomous drones roam requires an ethical framework.

Exclusive1 week ago

Exclusive Drew Clark Column: Libraries’ Role as Physical and Social Infrastructure

Libraries are a crucial “third space” between work and home and connective tissue in a democratic and egalitarian society.

Broadband's Impact2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast CEO Drew Clark and BroadbandNow’s John Busby Speak on Libraries and Broadband

Friday's Gigabit Libraries Network conversation will feature Drew Clark of Broadband Breakfast and John Busby of BroadbandNow.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

FCC OKs Rip and Replace, Rural Broadband Bill, Franchise Fees Case, Calif. Broadband Bill

Huawei scoffs at FCC rip and replace, rural broadband bill moves in committee, franchise fees appeal, Calif. broadband bill integral.

Health2 weeks ago

Institutions Must Continue Riding Telehealth Growth Momentum for Post-Pandemic Care

Governments and health providers have an opportunity to carry the momentum of 2020 for telehealth's future.

Telework2 weeks ago

Telework Can Be Mainstay If Broadband Gets Up to Speed

Experts say telework is here to stay, so long as broadband disparities are fixed.

Expert Opinion2 weeks ago

John Windhausen: Connecting Anchor Institutions to Broadband Requires Access to Poles

The high cost of pole attachments can deter broadband providers from providing service to the anchor institutions and residential consumers.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Facebook Requests FTC Recuse Khan, Entry-Level Broadband Prices, FCC’s Open RAN Showcase

Facebook follows Amazon in asking for recusing Khan, Entry-level broadband prices fell, FCC has Open RAN showcase.

Section 2302 weeks ago

Companies May Hesitate Bringing Section 230 Arguments in Court Fearing Political Ramifications: Lawyers

Legal experts say changing views on Section 230 will make platforms less willing to employ that defense in future cases.

Satellite2 weeks ago

Satellite Operators and Broadband Entrants Vie for Primacy as FCC Debates the 12 GigaHertz Band

Will the 12 GHz band be opened for 5G uses or remain exclusively for satellite services?

Broadband Mapping2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Panelists Pitch Solutions for Finer Broadband Mapping Data

Experts argue for significant changes in order for broadband mapping efforts to be successful.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

Transparent Internet Pricing Campaign, Google Fined $600M in France, Work-From-Home Study

New campaign to make internet prices transparent, Google fined $593 million in France, global survey talks WFH lessons.

Spectrum2 weeks ago

Spectrum Decisions Becoming Increasingly Important for Future: FCC’s Simington

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington said focus on spectrum decision will become increasingly important for digital success.

Infrastructure2 weeks ago

Union Association Requests Congress Attach Hiring Strings to Federal Broadband Dollars

The Communications Workers of America wants provisions in broadband bills barring hiring of subcontractors.

Broadband Roundup2 weeks ago

FCC Gridlock, FTC’s Investigating Amazon-MGM, Brendan Carr’s USF Proposal Raises Questions

FCC gridlock could hobble president's wishes, FTC opens investigation into Amazon buy, law professor raises questions about Carr's USF proposal.

5G2 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast Interview About the Future of 5G with John Godfrey of Samsung

Greater availability of mid-band spectrum has kick-started 5G through better signal propagation, penetration and carrying capacity.

Exclusive3 weeks ago

Exclusive Drew Clark Column: The Section 230 Disconnect at the Heart of Trump’s New Lawsuit

The speech Democrats view as dangerous and offensive is the same speech that Republicans feel is being silenced.

Net Neutrality3 weeks ago

Biden Signs Executive Order on Net Neutrality, Broadband Pricing Policy and Big Tech Merger Scrutiny

Executive order would kickoff new antitrust and net neutrality regulations.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 3)

This event will be the third in a series previewing the upcoming Broadband Communities Summit.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 2)

This event will be the second in a series previewing the upcoming Broadband Communities Summit.

#broadbandlive3 weeks ago

Broadband Breakfast on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 12 Noon ET — Preview of the Broadband Communities Summit (Part 1)

This event will be the first in a series previewing the upcoming Broadband Communities Summit.

Broadband's Impact3 weeks ago

Closing Digital Divide Means Achieving More Gender Parity At Work, Some Say

Broadband access can bring more gender equity in the workplace, experts say.