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Premium Report: The WiMAX Band (2.5 GHz)

Characteristics, Technology, Major Spectrum Holders in the BRS-EBS Service

And Prospects for Auction 86

A Report by Dr. Gregory Rose, edited by Harold Feld

Prepared for Strength-to-Strength Develop-Ed

Download the for BRS Executive Summary for free now!
Pre-October 27 Price without Post-October 27 Update: $499
Pre-October 27 Price with Post-October 27 Update: $599
Post-October 27 Price (includes Post-October 27 Update to come shortly): $799

The Report includes resources that make this a must have reference for anyone interested in the future of WiMAX deployment in the United States:

  • A Searchable Database of All BRS and EBS Licensees and Spectrum Lessees. Anyone who has used the FCC’s Universal License Service knows how difficult it is to search for even basic information. The master database takes all the information and puts it into an easily searched Excel® spreadsheet.
  • Special breakout tables and coverage maps for Clearwire and Sprint. Convenient tables and coverage maps show the coverage and relationships of these WiMAX giants.
  • Analysis of the top 35 other providers. The report also lists the top 35 licensees in the band after Sprint and Clearwire, describing their general market areas and what their spectrum holdings say about their strategies.

Purchase this report right now for $499 (US). This price will last until the FCC Auction begins on October 27, 2009. In addition, for only $100 more, customers ordering by October 27, 2009 will receive the post-Auction update. After October 27, the price for the report will increase to $799.

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1 Comment

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