Salt Lake City becomes latest Google Fiber city

Broadband's Impact March 25th, 2015

“Utah’s capital is officially a Google Fiber city.   “Google confirmed Tuesday it had picked Salt Lake City for its ultra-fast Internet and TV services, promising to make an advanced fiber-optic grid available to residential and business customers citywide within just a few years.   “We could not be more excited to have Google Fiber […]

Google Fiber is Coming to Salt Lake City

Broadband's Impact March 24th, 2015

Google Fiber is coming to Salt Lake City. After months of speculation, city leaders and Google executives made it official Tuesday morning. With the announcement Salt Lake City joins Provo as one of the few cities in the country that will receive Google Fiber. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says Google’s investment in the […]

FCC Gives Municipal Broadband Providers (and Internet Competition) a Boost – IEEE Spectrum

Broadband's Impact February 26th, 2015

Today, in addition to reclassifying broadband from an “information service” to a “telecommunication service,” the Federal Communications Commission voted to preempt state laws in Tennessee and North Carolina that previously restricted municipal governments from expanding their broadband services and competing with commercial Internet service providers in surrounding areas. The decision was not a surprise, as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has been talking […]

How Silicon Valley won the day over some of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington

Broadband's Impact February 25th, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission is poised on Thursday to give technology companies their latest in a series of victories in Washington, one that will see strong new rules applied to Internet providers such as Verizon and Cablevision. The decision marks a key achievement for tech firms after a months-long campaign against some of the communications […]

Don’t limit high-speed broadband to big cities

Broadband's Impact February 25th, 2015

Internet service providers are stepping up their game, building the infrastructure necessary to provide high-speed Internet services in communities across the country. This is great, especially for big cities that have the incentives (read: population) needed to encourage private providers to upgrade broadband networks and provide customers with an essential utility of the 21st century. […]

Eleventh-hour drama for net neutrality

Broadband's Impact February 25th, 2015

A Democrat on the Federal Communications Commission wants to see changes that could narrow the scope of new net neutrality rules set for a vote on Thursday. Mignon Clyburn, one of three Democrats on the FCC, has asked Chairman Tom Wheeler to roll back some of his provisions before the full commission votes on them, […]

Drew Clark: ‘Killer Apps’ for the Gigabit Economy: Why They Are Necessary to Sell the Benefits of Advanced Broadband Networks

Broadband Data, Broadband's Impact, Fiber, Gigabit Networks February 10th, 2015

February 10, 2015 – With all the talk — and now the action — behind building Gigabit Networks by hundreds of cities across the United States, a key question emerges: What can actually be done with all the speed? Understanding the technologies that take advantage of Gigabit Networks is a key component of fleshing out […]

FCC to Put Its Legal Weight Behind Preemption of State Laws That Limit Community Gigabit Networks

Broadband's Impact, FCC, Fiber, Gigabit Networks February 3rd, 2015

February 3, 2015 – The Federal Communications Commission will put its legal weight behind a petition that would preempt laws in North Carolina and Tennessee  that restrict the ability of community broadband networks to expand operations. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will urge his fellow commissioners — and is expected to obtain support from a majority […]

Five Years After ‘Think Big With a Gig,’ Google Fiber No Longer The Only Major Gigabit Player

Gigabit Networks, National Broadband Plan, Net Neutrality February 3rd, 2015

February 3, 2015 – In announcing last week that it was expanding Google Fiber to four new metropolitan areas in the Southeastern United States, the search engine giant-turned-internet service provider emphasized multiple initiatives toward Gigabit Networks. On January 27, Google announced that nearly five years after it announced its “Think Big With a Gig” campaign, […]

Press Release: Kirton McConkie Presents Webinar for Municipalities on Building Gigabit Networks

Gigabit Networks, Press Releases January 15th, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY, January 15, 2015 – President Obama’s vigorous support of a growing national movement to build Gigabit Networks highlights the need for municipalities to prepare wisely for their high-speed Internet future, said Kirton McConkie attorneys Drew Clark and David Shaw. Kirton McConkie announced a practical four-part webinar series on “How to Build Your Gigabit Network,” beginning on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, from 2 p.m. […]

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