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California Broadband Summit Program

California is synonymous with innovation. Broadband internet access services can be dynamic and innovative, but they are also a basic infrastructure need. The California Broadband Summit aims to catalyze state stakeholders with actions to ensure better broadband for all Californians.

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Panel 1: The California Broadband Moment

As billions flood into broadband development nationwide, California is riding high on this wave, netting $1.86B from the government’s flagship Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program. For the nation’s leading tech hub, how has this pivotal moment unfolded? How does this dovetail with the state’s ongoing initiatives aimed to drive innovation in the technology and telecom sectors?

Legislators, Providers Concerned about California Broadband Grant Timelines
The state is ‘poised to begin’ awarding stalled grants.

Fireside Q&A: Connecting the Dots on Digital Equity

As California seeks to deploy broadband infrastructure, it's important not to separate fiber-optics and wireless towers from the ways that better broadband leads to better lives. In this fireside chat with Broadband Breakfast CEO Drew Clark, California's Deputy Director of Broadband and Digital Literacy Scott Adams will discuss how California is connecting the dots between broadband access, availability, affordability and adoption: They all must work together to achieve digital equity.

California Official Shares Challenges in Providing Affordability After ACP
“You can’t sugar coat it… Its absence will be felt here,” state official says

Panel 2: California’s Pathbreaking Middle Mile Program

In 2021, California unanimously passed SB 156, earmarking a $6 billion broadband investment to bridge the statewide digital divide. More than half of the funds had been funneled towards building open-access, state-owned middle mile networks with high capacity fiber. But with Gov. Gavin Newsom's recent proposed budget changes, how will California adapt? Is the state still positioned to capitalize on its new middle mile network? How will the stakeholders navigate a new pathway?

California Middle-Mile Initiative Prioritizes Connecting Local Grant Applicants
The $3.8-billion program’s director said 107 grant applicants intend to connect to its infrastructure.

Panel 3: California’s Cost to Build

With one of the country's most extensive highway networks, California must also wrangle with the prickly issue of broadband rights-of-way, which often drive up the cost of deployment. This legal clearance for deploying and maintaining broadband infrastructure along public routes often muddies the waters around broadband expansion plans. Where does the state stand on this issue? Are there still any bottlenecks that need ironing out for seamless broadband flow across the state?

Broadband Infrastructure Providers Share California Regulatory Challenges
‘The challenges are not new… We haven’t really progressed to the point where we have solutions,’ infrastructure provider says

Panel 4: Net Neutrality and Privacy

While federal net neutrality rules hang in limbo, California has long upheld its own law regarding the equal treatment of data, as well as its state-leading law on internet privacy. With its sights on universal broadband access statewide, how does net neutrality factor into California’s game plan? What has California’s leadership role on net neutrality and privacy had on broadband for California?

Panelists Debate Paid Peering, Net Neutrality at California Broadband Summit
Broadband industry groups challenged the rules in court last week.

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CalBroadband is comprised of California’s leading experts in the development and deployment of broadband infrastructure. We leverage our member expertise to educate and advocate for transformative public policies that enable broadband service providers to continue their efforts to connect Californians. These efforts include expanding the availability of high-speed internet and broadband into unserved geographic areas and increasing adoption in existing service areas across the state.

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The California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) has been on a mission over the last decade to forge partnerships and foster public policy to close the Digital Divide. This work has been strategically-focused, results-oriented, and people-centered. CETF is a leading proponent of the Digital Equity Bill of Rights.

See the California Broadband Summit Program

Full bios of speakers, too

View the program

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