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Broadband Infrastructure

Broadband Infrastructure is the means to deliver Better Broadband, Better Lives

More about Broadband Infrastructure

Broadband Infrastructure

Broadband Mapping and Data - Broadband Breakfast
Accurate broadband mapping and data has been central to America’s broadband buildout.
Funding - Broadband Breakfast
The pandemic has prompted a new era of funding for broadband infrastructure.
BEAD - Broadband Breakfast
The Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment program is implemented by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the U.S. Commerce Department.
Fiber - Broadband Breakfast
Fiber-optic technology is the gold standard for home or commercial broadband, and powers wireless connectivity, too.
Community Broadband - Broadband Breakfast
The last three years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of communities building publicly-owned, locally controlled infrastructure.
Open Access - Broadband Breakfast
Open Access networks separate network operations from internet services. Ownership may also be separate from operations.

Broadband Everywhere

Rural - Broadband Breakfast
Because Rural America is often the least-connected region in the country, ensuring coverage is central to BEAD.
Tribal - Broadband Breakfast
Tribal leaders say the federal government has failed to uphold its trust responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of Native American tribes.
Universal Service - Broadband Breakfast
The Universal Service Fund, codified in 1996 with the Telecommunications Act, remains the foundation of universal access.
Cloud - Broadband Breakfast
Cloud computing relies upon robust and high-speed upload and download internet speeds.


Wireless - Broadband Breakfast
Wireless technologies are critical for mobile communications, and for being able to reach remote locations.
Spectrum - Broadband Breakfast
Whether licensed, unlicensed or shared, radio frequency spectrum is the critical resource for wireless communication.
Mobile communication has become a central part internet connectivity.
5G Wireless - Broadband Breakfast
The 5G wireless standard promises breakthrough in capacity, speed and dynamic spectrum-sharing capabilities.
WISP - Broadband Breakfast
Wireless Internet Service Providers play an important role in delivery of fixed wireless broadband.
Satellite - Broadband Breakfast
Satellite broadband remains an option those areas beyond the reach of fiber, terrestrial or mobile wireless.

Broadband's Impact

What impact does high-speed internet have on people's lives?

More about Broadband's Impact

Broadband's Impact

Digital Inclusion - Broadband Breakfast
We need humans to make digital inclusion work.
Education - Broadband Breakfast
Technology, particularly broadband access and adoption, plays a vital role in K-12 and secondary education.
Health - Broadband Breakfast
The innovations of telehealth and mobile health care has transformed medicine and health care.
Public Safety - Broadband Breakfast
Ensuring that emergency communications are enabled with broadband is the next frontier in public safety.
Telework - Broadband Breakfast
Broadband internet service allows many people to work from almost anywhere.
Democratization - Broadband Breakfast
The internet has the potential to impact, and also to enhance, society’s democratization.

Net Neutrality & Privacy

More about Net Neutrality & Privacy

Net Neutrality & Privacy

Net Neutrality - Broadband Breakfast
Whether broadband providers may prioritize delivery of bits by the entities they own is a divisive topic.
Privacy - Broadband Breakfast
The entire concept of privacy has been transformed by broadband and the internet.
Cybersecurity - Broadband Breakfast
Digital locks and keys are necessary, but not sufficient, to ensure cybersecurity.
Robocall - Broadband Breakfast
The scourge of robocalls is making America’s once-vaunted telephone network less trustworthy.

Smart Cities & Innovation

More about Smart Cities & Innovation

Smart Cities & Innovation

Smart Cities - Broadband Breakfast
Cities of the future rely on high-speed internet access and advanced fiber and wireless connectivity.
Advanced Energy - Broadband Breakfast
The infrastructure necessary for advanced energy also powers the infrastructure necessary for high-speed internet.
Autonomous Vehicles - Broadband Breakfast
Self-driving cars are one of many advances to come for smart cities and communities.
Drones - Broadband Breakfast
Drones and airborne transportation are one of many advances to come for smart cities and communities.
Antitrust - Broadband Breakfast
Antitrust has been re-invigorated by concern over the power of big technology, media and telecom companies.
Artificial Intelligence - Broadband Breakfast
Artificial intelligence is poised to transform humans’ relationship with technology, and each other.
Social Media - Broadband Breakfast
Social media plays a powerful force in the lives of most adults and teenagers.
Free Speech - Broadband Breakfast
Debates about the role of free speech have been transformed by broadband internet services.
Section 230 - Broadband Breakfast
Section 230 is sometimes called the 26 words that created the internet.
Chips - Broadband Breakfast
Semiconductors are the world’s new oil.

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