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We've covered broadband technology and internet policy for 16 years. We explain the news so everyone can understand.

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The name comes from the Broadband Breakfast Club that launched at Clyde's of Gallery Place in Washington in 2008. We're still at it, but bigger and better.

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Watch #BroadbandLive every Wednesday at 12 Noon ET. Streaming every week since the start of the pandemic. We keep this community together.

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Broadband Breakfast Live Online is a free broadband news webcast on broadband technology and internet policy. It takes place every Wednesday at 12 Noon ET. #broadbandlive

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Send Expert Opinions to commentary@breakfast.media. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Broadband Breakfast or Breakfast Media LLC. All Expert Opinions are free for all readers.

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Broadband Breakfast has been covering broadband in the states since 2008. Understand state-by-state broadband efforts and network with other enthusiasts in your community.

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Breakfast Media CEO Drew Clark has led the Broadband Breakfast community since 2008. As Editor and Publisher, he brings experts and practitioners together to advance the benefits provided by broadband. You can find him on LinkedIn.

An early proponent of better broadband, better lives, Clark founded Broadband Census as a way to crowdsource broadband data left unpublished by the Federal Communications Commission. Then, the Broadband Breakfast Club helped drive debate around broadband investments under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Clark was appointed Executive Director of the Partnership for a Connected Illinois, the state broadband initiative, under Gov. Pat Quinn in 2010. There, he led a combined federal and state effort of fiber-optic and wireless infrastructure investments, including broadband mapping, economic development and digital literacy training. He served as President of the Rural Telecommunications Congress, and is a nationally recognized telecommunications attorney

Email: drew@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Managing Editor Ahmad Hathout has spent the last half-decade reporting on the Canadian telecommunications and media industries for leading publications. He started the scoop-driven news site downup.io to make Canadian telecom news more accessible and digestible. Follow him on Twitter @ackmet.

Email: ahmad@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Ted Hearn is Senior Editor for Broadband Breakfast. He is also Editor and Publisher of Policyband, a new website dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the broadband communications market.

Email: tedhearn@gmail.com
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Reporter Jericho Casper graduated from the University of Virginia studying media policy. She grew up in Newport News in an area impacted by the digital divide and has a passion for universal access.

Email: jericho@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Reporter Jake Neenan, who covers broadband infrastructure and broadband funding, is a recent graduate of the Columbia Journalism School. Previously he reported on state prison conditions in New York.

Email: jake@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Marketing Associate Quinn Nghiem studied communications at Villanova University. She also covered economic and political issues for Vietnam Television, the national television broadcaster of Vietnam.

Email: quinn@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Reporter Corey Walker is a native of Chicago and attended the University of Michigan. His interests are at the intersection of public policy and economics.

Email: walker@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast
Contributing Reporter Teralyn Whipple studied marketing at Brigham Young University. She has reported extensively on broadband infrastructure, investments and deployment.

Email: whipple@breakfast.media
Articles on Broadband Breakfast


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