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FCC Aims to Expand Consumer Welfare

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, FCC, International, National Broadband Plan October 15th, 2010

WASHINGTON, October 15, 2010 – The recent Federal Communications Commission recent open meeting looked to progress the chairman’s goal of improving consumer welfare. The issues spanned the range of the FCC’s authority from cable to broadband and mobile telephony and even touched on technology around the Yangtze River.

Most Consumers Report ‘Bill Shock,’ FCC Plans Action

FCC, Mobile Broadband, Wireless October 14th, 2010

WASHINGTON, October 14, 2010 – It’s not a surprise that “bill shock” is a problem. The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday released a white paper on complaints it has received on the issue, which addresses a sudden, unexpected increase in the monthly mobile phone bill, even when a customer had not changed service plans.

FCC Consumer Advisory Group Discusses Spectrum, Bill Shock and More

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, FCC, National Broadband Plan July 1st, 2010

WASHINGTON, July 1, 2010 – The Consumer Advisory Committee meeting at the Federal Communications Commission Wednesday covered a range of issues, including white space spectrum usage, National Broadband Plan implementation concerns, and broadband accessibility to tribal lands and people with disabilities.

FCC Looks To Temper Consumer ‘Bill Shock’

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, FCC, Wireless May 25th, 2010

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2010 – The Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau launched an initiative this month aiming to prevent the unpleasant experience of getting an unexpectedly high wireless phone bill.

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