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Broadband Map Tops 150 Million Hits In First Day

Broadband Data, Broadband Mapping, FCC February 23rd, 2011

WASHINGTON February 23, 2011 – The Federal Communications Commission’s national broadband map website received more than 150 million hits and more than 1,000 requests per second in its first day live, according to usage data released Friday by the agency.

NTIA, FCC Release National Broadband Map and Digital Nation Report

Broadband Data, Broadband Mapping, Broadband Stimulus, Broadband's Impact, FCC, Mobile Broadband, North America, NTIA, Wireless February 17th, 2011

WASHINGTON February 17, 2011- The National Telecommunications and Information Administration in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission unveiled the National Broadband Map along with an update to the Digital Nation report this morning. The map is available at

The map is the result of over 2 years of work and $350 million government funding. All 50 states, the District of Columbia and 5 territories provided the NTIA with data. The map brings together 25 million pieces of data to provide consumers, policy makers and business with an accurate picture of broadband deployment and availability. Over 1600 unique internet service providers were identified.

NTIA Previews National Broadband Map

Broadband Data, Broadband Mapping, Broadband Stimulus, NTIA, States February 17th, 2011

WASHINGTON February 17, 2011 – Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, Lawrence Strickling, presented a brief preview of the national broadband map and an update on the activities of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) at the annual winter meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners on Wednesday.

North Carolina’s e-NC to Survey Broadband Availability

Broadband Mapping, States June 7th, 2010

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2010 – Using funds from the Broadband Data Improvement grant North Carolina’s e-NC Authority has undertaken an online survey to determine present usage of high speed broadband internet in the state. The survey has been emailed to over 100,000 potential respondents with a special focus on rural areas and small towns.

Copps' Seeks to Revitalize Transparency and Cooperation at FCC, Welcomes Broadband Stimulus Legislation

FCC, National Broadband Plan February 11th, 2009

WASHINGTON, February 11, 2009 – Acting Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Copps said he had “no idea” how long he will hold the gavel, but he has no intention of being a mere seat-warmer.

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