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FCC Opens Up White Space For Unrestricted Uses

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WASHINGTON, September 24, 2010 – In a unanimous vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved the use of the “white spaces” for unlicensed uses. The white spaces are the band of spectrum now empty after television signals went digital. These bands offer some of the best promulgation characteristics and are available nationwide.

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ISPs Struggle to Deliver Video Traffic While Imposing Bandwidth Caps

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LONDON, May 3, 2010 – Many Internet service providers are struggling to cope with the rapid growth of video traffic while trying to put a reasonable limit on the amount of bandwidth consumers can use.

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FCC To Consider Wireless Rules, Video Distribution Market

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WASHINGTON, December 30, 2009 – The Federal Communications Commission plans to soon consider whether rules are needed to address terrestrially delivered cable-affiliated programming in order to promote competition in the video distribution market, the agency said Wednesday.

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FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s Incredible Silicon Valley Wi-Fi Adventure

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SAN JOSE, November 6 – It was Kevin Martin’s day to suck up praise from Silicon Valley. The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission – for about two more months – came to the Wireless Communications Association’s annual conference here on Thursday to be feted by many Googlers, including company co-founder Larry Page.

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Cable Industry and Cable Regulators Lament Power of Federal Communications Commission

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WASHINGTON, June 10 – The Federal Communications Commission has gone all out in its efforts against cable television operators, two speakers close to the cable industry said Thursday at a conference of the Alliance for Community Media here.

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Copyright Office: No Compulsory Licenses for Internet Companies

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WASHINGTON, July 1 – The U.S. Copyright Office on Monday said that Internet companies streaming local television signals over the Internet should be denied a compulsory copyright license.

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