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FCC Chairman Genachowski

Igniting US Broadband Through Obama Administration Executive Order

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WASHINGTON, June 19, 2012 — Last Thursday President Obama announced the launch of a new initiative, “US Ignite” and signed an Executive Order reducing the cost and barriers to broadband build out and construction along federal roadways and properties.  The Order aims to make construction 90 percent cheaper and more efficient. The Federal Government owns approximately…

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White Spaces, Special Access and mHealth: Last Week’s Policy Wrap Up

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WASHINGTON Tuesday June 12, 2012 – Last week the Federal Communications Commission moved forward with white spaces reform free of challenges from the microphone industry, they took on special access reform and held a meeting of experts to address the future of wireless mHealth innovation.  Broadbandbreakfast has some notes on each of these stories.  …

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Why the FCC should look at Robust Broadband Competition as the Final Answer

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It goes without saying that the FCC has a daunting task of rule making when it comes to filling the needs of Broadband Access for Americans in 2010. Therefore it comes to mind, when the Federal Agency is through taking comments on Net Neutrality, The Universal Service Fund, Broadband Adoption, Broadband Access, and Spectrum Allocation,…

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