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In Lead-up to World Conference on International Telecommunications, Debate About United Nations and Regulation of Internet

Broadband TV, FCC, International, NTIA, Wireless November 21st, 2012

WASHINGTON, Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 – The internet policy news and events service held its November 2012 Broadband Breakfast Club “The International Telecommunications Union Year-End Meeting and the Global Open Internet” on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, 707 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 8 am – 10 am. Ahead of the […]

November Broadband Breakfast Club Event: The International Telecommunications Union and the Global Open Internet

Events, Net Neutrality, Trademarks November 15th, 2012

WASHINGTON, Thursday, November 15th, 2012 — The internet policy news and events service will hold its November 2012 Broadband Breakfast Club event “The International Telecommunications Union and the Global Open Internet” on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at Clyde’s of Gallery Place, 707 7th St. NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 8 am – 10 am. American […]

International Telecom Group Opens Global Conference With an Eye on Broadband

Broadband's Impact, Cybersecurity, International October 7th, 2010

WASHINGTON, October 7, 2010 – The International Telecommunications Union this week opened its three-week conference in Mexico with a call by its secretary general for delegates to be “bold and visionary” in reaching agreements providing a sound platform for the development of information and communications technologies.

Global Broadband Group Calls for Making Access to High-Speed Networks a Basic Civil Right

Broadband's Impact, International September 20th, 2010

WASHINGTON, September 20, 2010 – Broadband is tomorrow’s fountain of innovation that can underpin long-term economic competitiveness, said International Telecommunications Union Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure on Sunday in New York. At the second meeting of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development over the weekend, Toure also challenged global leaders to ensure that more than half of the world’s people have access to broadband networks by 2015, and make access to high-speed networks a basic civil right.

NTIA Institute Offers Training and Educational Videos for the Public

Broadband Updates, Broadband's Impact, Education, NTIA August 27th, 2010

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2010 – Ever wanted to know how to build your own radar or the science of signal strength? The Institute of Telecommunications Sciences has released a collection of online training and educational videos for the public that explain various telecommunications topics.

Cuba Struggles With Broadband Availability and Adoption

Broadband's Impact, International June 28th, 2010

WASHINGTON, June 28, 2010 – Cuba is still lagging significantly in broadband availability and adoption. According to the CIA World Factbook, Cuba has 11.5 million inhabitants, and Reuters found that there are only 700,000 computers in Cuba.

Cisco Launches Broadband Game, Puts Everyman in Shoes of Telecom Execs

Broadband Stimulus, Net Neutrality, NTIA November 2nd, 2009

WASHINGTON, November 2, 2009 – Cisco Systems has released a new computer game that puts the common man in the shoes of broadband executive making deployment decisions. The company’s myPlanNet game attempts to make broadband deployment easy to understand – and perhaps forces broadband activists to walk in the shoes of the network executive grappling with tough issues like the underserved and Net neutrality.

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