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Time Warner Cable and Viacom Take iPad Dispute To Court

Copyright, Intellectual Property April 8th, 2011

Time Warner Cable’s dispute with Viacom over the question of whether the cable company is allowed to stream certain television channels onto its customers’ iPads within the confines of their own homes spilled into court Thursday when both sides asked the court to enforce their interpretations of their business contracts.

Report: Content Providers Sending Nastygrams to Time Warner Cable To Stop iPad Streaming

Copyright, Intellectual Property, Media, Media ownership March 23rd, 2011

Time Warner Cable is receiving cease-and-desist letters for allowing its customers to access television programming through their iPads.

Metrics Workshop: Measuring Current Network Versus Internet Users' Needs

FCC Workshops, National Broadband Plan September 8th, 2009

WASHINGTON, September 2, 2009 – The Federal Communication Commission’s workshop on how to best benchmark broadband for evaluating the various dimensions of broadband across geographic areas highlighted the difference between measuring the current network versus focusing on internet users’ needs.

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