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FCC to Expand Universal Service Rural Health Care Fund

Broadband's Impact, FCC, Health, National Broadband Plan July 15th, 2010

WASHINGTON July 15, 2010- Rural America lags the rest of the country in both access to quality healthcare and high speed broadband but today’s action by the Federal Communications Commission seeks to change that. In a unanimous vote the commission supported expanding the Universal Service Rural Health Care Fund.

Webinar Presents Telehealth Data and Recommendations

Broadband's Impact July 7th, 2010

WASHINGTON July 7, 2010 Independent analyst firm Ovum presented a webinar to present the drivers and barriers to telehealth adoption, the current competition environment, and recommendations for health-care providers and patients.

The webinar was presented by the authors of two recent telehealth reports, “Telehealth: Something old, something new,” and “Telehealth in Europe – From pilot to mainstream?” Christine Chang, presented the North American telehealth climate, while Cornelia Wels-Maug focused on telehealth issues in Europe.

What You Could Do On A Gigabit Network: Tai Chi Class Through Your Television

Broadband's Impact, National Broadband Plan April 23rd, 2010

LAFAYETTE, La., — April 23, 2010 — When Google announced its Gigabit fiber network initiative this February, the first example it offered of what such a network could be good for was a rural telehealth application where someone could meet with their doctor over the web.

While the description sounds futuristic, many groups are already experimenting with the potential of this idea. At the FiberFête conference here, technologist Larry Keyes shared one project that he’s piloting together with the University of Vermont. The application they tried out? Tai Chi through your television.

Health Care Ripe to Join the Technology Revolution, Panelists Say at Broadband Breakfast Club

Broadband's Impact October 13th, 2009

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2009 – Hospitals and health care are the last of the industrial-age institutions that have yet to go online as department stores, banks, and venues entertainment have already gone, panelists said at the Broadband Breakfast Club Tuesday morning.

Study: Broadband Gives Rural Regions Economic Boost

Broadband's Impact, Premium Content August 31st, 2009

WASHINGTON, August 31, 2009 – The role of rural communities continues to play a major part in the debate over the state of the nation’s broad¬band with a new study finding that high-speed Internet access helps grow their economic base.

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