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About Broadband Breakfast

Broadband Breakfast is a 12-year old news organization based in Washington that is building a community of interest around broadband policy and internet technology, with a particular focus on better broadband infrastructure, the politics of privacy and the regulation of social media. We took our name from the Broadband Breakfast Club that we began in 2008.

In March 2020, we launched the #BroadbandLive series, “Broadband and the Coronavirus,” which continues as a weekly webcast every Wednesday at 12 Noon ET. We also hosted Digital Infrastructure Investment, a conference on last-mile infrastructure, shared facilities and broadband investment. Digital Infrastructure Investment took place online on August 10, 2020, and is part of the Broadband Communities Virtual Summit.

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Drew Clark, Editor and Publisher

Drew Clark, the Editor and Publisher of Breakfast Media LLC, is a nationally-respected telecommunications attorney. Clark brings experts and practitioners together to advance the benefits provided by broadband. You can find him on LinkedIn. The articles and posts on Broadband Breakfast, Breakfast Media LLC, and affiliated social media are not legal advice or legal services, do not constitute the creation of an attorney-client privilege, and represent the views of their respective authors.

An early advocate of better broadband, better lives, he founded Broadband Census as a way to crowdsource broadband data left unpublished by the Federal Communications Commission. Then, Broadband Breakfast helped drive debate around broadband investments under the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Clark was appointed executive director of the Partnership for a Connected Illinois under Gov. Pat Quinn. There, he led a combined federal and state effort of fiber-optic and wireless infrastructure investments, including broadband mapping, economic development and digital literacy training. He is also the President of the Rural Telecommunications Congress, a co-host of the annual Broadband Communities Summit.




Andrew Feinberg, Managing Editor

Andrew Feinberg rejoined Breakfast Media LLC as Managing Editor in late 2016 after working as a staff writer at The Hill and as a freelance writer. He worked at Broadband Breakfast from its founding in 2008 to 2010, first as Reporter and then as Deputy Editor.

In addition to covering the White House for Russia’s Sputnik News — and from which he publicly departed — he has covered tech and telecommunications policy in Congress and at federal agencies for Communications Daily, FastCompany.TV, Mashable and Washington Business Journal.




Jericho Casper, Reporter

Reporter Jericho Casper graduated from the University of Virginia, studying media policy and foreign affairs. She grew up in Newport News, Virginia, in an area heavily impacted by the digital divide. She has a passion for establishing universal broadband access and a personal vendetta against anyone who stands in the way of her getting better broadband.



Liana Sowa, Reporter

Reporter Liana Sowa grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut. She studied editing and publishing as a writing fellow at Brigham Young University, where she mentored upperclassmen on neuroscience research papers. She enjoys reading and journaling, and marathon-runnning and stilt-walking.



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