Michigan Completes BEAD Challenge Initial Review

Final determinations of map challenges are set to be released by July 22.

Michigan Completes BEAD Challenge Initial Review
Photo of Michigan Capitol Building

June 12, 2024 – Michigan announced Tuesday that it completed the initial review of over 1.76 million challenges through the challenge submission phase of the Broadband, Equity, Access, and Deployment program.

The state said that it is on track to complete final determinations of map challenges no later than July 22, at which time the final list of eligible locations will be submitted to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for review. 

The $42.5 billion Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment program allocates funds to states to deploy high-speed internet to every address in the state. This process requires that the state creates a map of broadband coverage within its jurisdiction and opens a challenge process for stakeholders, ISPs and local governments to challenge the claims on the map. These challenges can then be rebutted by the internet service provider of that address to ensure that the maps are as accurate as possible before funding is distributed.

Challenges that are accepted after the initial review by the Michigan High-Speed Internet Office will then enter the rebuttal phase of the process during which internet service providers can submit evidence to rebut challenges to coverage claims. 

Final results of Michigan’s BEAD challenge process will be published once they have been approved by the NTIA. The state kicked off its challenge process in March.

In a May webinar, Michigan officials attributed its success in broadband investments to broadband champions who demonstrate that personal relationships, strategic communications, and data-drive advocacy are essential for advancing broadband initiatives.

In addition, Michigan announced the upcoming launch of its Inclusive Training, Technology and Equity Network which is intended to increase digital adoption within the state. The program has over $13 million in funds from the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant. 

The MITTEN program is “a key initiative to help Michigan communities gain access to and effectively use high-speed internet and digital devices and grow their digital skills,” said the state. “This grant will offer the necessary resources and support to ensure that every Michigander can connect and thrive in the digital age.”

Eligible applicants for this program include nonprofits organizations, community anchor institutions, and collaboratives of community-based organizations. The program will officially open on June 24.

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