Salt Lake City Has Fastest Internet Speeds, Says ISP Reports

The city has an average download speed of 6.5 Gbps, claims the report.

Salt Lake City Has Fastest Internet Speeds, Says ISP Reports
Map of the top 10 metropolitan cities with the fastest internet

June 24, 2024- Salt Lake City, Utah is the highest ranked metropolitan city for fast internet according to market research and consulting firm ISP Reports.

ISP Reports released a ranking of the top 10 metropolitan cities in the United States with the fastest high-speed internet by weighing maximum speeds by the population of each block on Tuesday. 

Unlike traditional methods that use highest reported speeds or user-based speed tests, this metric, called the Weighted Max Download Speed, averages speeds at each census block for each city. The average city in this ranking consists of 47,800 blocks, each housing an average of 58 residents. ISP Reports claimed that this metric is a “much more accurate and representative way to compare internet speeds and infrastructure.”

The top 10 cities for high-speed internet are Salt Lake City, UT with 6.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) average speeds, followed by Raleigh, NC (4.5 Gbps), Hartford, CT (4.5 Gbps), New York, NY (4.1 Gbps), San Francisco, CA (4.1 Gbps), Kansas City, MO (4.0 Gbps), Tampa, FL (4.0 Gbps), Indianapolis, IN (3.9 Gbps), Austin, TX (3.7 Gbps), and Houston, TX (3.7 Gbps).

“While this may be the most sophisticated and accurate ranking of US cities with the fastest internet speeds to date, gaining meaningful insights requires more than just numbers,” said ISP Reports. “As a data company, ISP Reports excels at national-level comparisons but lacks the local expertise to fully interpret the data.”

According to a report last year, the top 10 states with the fastest median download speed consisted of Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. The national average was 119.03 Mbps in 2022, 171.30 Mbps in 2023, and 242.38 in 2024. The report found that high-speed internet is on a “steady incline” each year in the US.

Fiber internet service provider Tachus released a report in March that found that the U.S. has the sixth fastest internet in the world at a median download speed of 242.38 Mbps.

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