Gaiia Raises $13.2M for ISP Operations System

The company provides operations and business support systems for ISPs.

Gaiia Raises $13.2M for ISP Operations System
Photo of Inovia Partner Magaly Charbinneau

June 27, 2024 – Gaiia raised $13.2 million for a Series A funding round led by Inovia Capital, to support internet service providers and its expansion across North America, Europe, and Latin America. 

Gaiia, a leading provider of operations support system and business support system (OSS/BSS) for the telecommunications industry, offers ISPs systems for billing, customer relationship management, operations, and automation.

Marc-André Campagna, CEO and co-founder of Gaiia said the company provides ISPs with “new innovative technologies - and capital” and that it deploys “high-quality networks at a cheaper cost for their customers.”

“We believe Gaiia is offering a tangible solution to established and emerging ISPs looking to redefine what operational excellence looks like”, said Inovia Partner Magaly Charbonneau. “With strong market momentum and a team that has firsthand experience with the pain points of operating an ISP, we are excited to be a part of their story and support them on their journey”.

Founded in 2021, the Canada-based Gaiia has raised a total of $26.2 million in investments and services over 20 ISPs worldwide. The funding round was led by Inovia Capital, GTMfound, General Advance, Simon De Baene, Manon Brouillette, and YCombinator. 

In April, Tribal Ready, a Native American-owned company with expertise in communications and network design, announced that Gaiia would provide software and solutions for Tribal Ready.

With a mission to ensure high-speed broadband reaches every Native American individual and community, Tribal Ready plays a leading role in advocating for Tribal sovereignty, including Tribal data sovereignty.

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