Massachusetts Coalition Requests Residents Conduct Speed Tests

The state is currently in the BEAD challenge phase.

Massachusetts Coalition Requests Residents Conduct Speed Tests
Photo of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

July 5, 2024 – A coalition of nonprofits, business owners and residents in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Fix Cape Internet Coalition, called for residents and visitors to the area to take internet speed tests over the holiday weekend on Wednesday.

“As you enjoy all that Cape Cod has to offer, some are grappling with underperforming internet or have no access at all,” read the statement, adding that it needs as many people to take speed tests as possible while the area is busy. 

Massachusetts was awarded $147 million for the Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment program to expand internet services across the state. Fix Cape Internet Coalition said that it is working to bring that money to the Cape Cod area to “increase choice and competition in internet services.”

The coalition asked residents and visitors to take three speed tests from their homes and businesses, each at least 24 hours apart and before July 20th.

The BEAD program requires that states create a map that outlines the broadband connectivity in their jurisdiction and allocate the money they receive from BEAD to connect those areas of the state that are unserved or underserved. Speed tests, at-home tests that measure internet speeds, are one possible way that states can collect data about broadband coverage.

Massachusetts published its challenge process map using the provided data from the Federal Communications Commissions broadband map in June. 

The process of challenging an area's internet coverage began in Massachusetts on June 20 and runs through July 20. Eligible stakeholders will have the opportunity to challenge the internet coverage in specific areas. Following this period, Massachusetts Broadband Institute will initiate the rebuttal phase, allowing ISPs to counter challenge claims. MBI will hold informational webinars for technical assistance and to assist users throughout the process.

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