Massachusetts Releases Broadband Map

The state's challenge process will open June 20.

Massachusetts Releases Broadband Map
Photo of Boston, Massachusetts

June 11, 2024 – The Massachusetts Broadband Institute published its challenge process map using the provided data from the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband map on Monday. This is the first step delineated in the state’s Volume 1 process for how the challenge process required by the Broadband, Equity, Access, and Deployment program will be implemented. 

The challenge process, a required step in the implementation of the BEAD program, will allow entities to challenge coverage claims made by state broadband maps and serves as a mechanism to address gaps in high-speed broadband coverage across the state.

The process of challenging an area's internet coverage will begin in Massachusetts on June 20 and runs through July 20. Eligible stakeholders will have the opportunity to challenge the internet coverage in specific areas. Following this period, MBI will initiate the rebuttal phase, allowing ISPs to counter challenge claims. MBI will hold informational webinars for technical assistance and to assist users throughout the process. 

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration awarded Massachusetts with $147 million of BEAD money for broadband infrastructure development. 

With this announcement, MBI introduced its Residential Retrofit Program which will deploy $22 million for broadband infrastructure to connect 22,000 public housing units to fiber networks. MBI also opened the second round of applications for its Gap Networks Grant Program, a $145 million program that aims to enhance the access and connectivity in areas of the state that lack sufficient service.

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