Senator Calls for Global Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence Regulation to Compete with China

Warner warned China has a head-start on AI regulation.

Senator Calls for Global Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence Regulation to Compete with China
Photo of Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., from September 2017 from his office.

WASHINGTON, June 20, 2023 – Sen. Mark Warner, D-VA, called on western allies to collaborate on regulating artificial intelligence, warning China has gained a significant head start on that front.

China’s “very much ahead of the game,” even surpassing Europe in implementing AI regulations, Warner said Thursday in a video interview for Politico’s Global Tech Day. China had reportedly already started its AI development plan in 2017.

“Many of us believe that we are in an enormous technology competition, particularly with China, and that national security means who wins the battle around AI” and other emerging technologies, he said, adding China might employ “inappropriate means to use AI on an offensive basis or on a misinformation or deceptive basis against the balance of the world.”

He proposed that the United States collaborate with its global allies, particularly the European Union, the United Kingdom and Japan, to establish a universal framework for regulating artificial intelligence. The EU recently passing a draft law known as the A.I. Act, while Senate witnesses have called on senators to do something about AI transparency.

Earlier in June, Warner joined Sens. Michael Bennet, D-CO, and Todd Young, R-IN, in introducing legislation to form an agency charged with increasing American competitiveness in the global tech arena, including the field of artificial technology.

Jonathan Berry, UK minister for AI and intellectual property, reiterated the call for a unified approach toward AI regulations, emphasizing the need to “arrive at the same landing zone” later during the summit.

“From a UK’s perspective, we are very keen to offer thought leadership in this space,” he said.

The capacity of generative AI to quickly produce responses by accessing information from unregulated online datasets has raised concerns regarding data privacy, content bias and ethical applications. Legislators, tech leaders, and academics have all called on Congress to adopt guidelines for the safe and responsible development of AI.

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