A Broadband Breakfast Preview of the Consumer Electronics Show 2023

Broadband Breakfast’s coverage of CES will illuminate cutting-edge technologies.

A Broadband Breakfast Preview of the Consumer Electronics Show 2023
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

LAS VEGAS, January 3, 2023 – The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 conference will open Thursday, showcasing the next generation of technological innovation from big players and startups alike.

Hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, CES will host innovators in artificial intelligence, 5G, privacy, quantum computing, blockchain, virtual reality, digital health, energy, internet of things (IoT), and many other sectors.

Scheduled panels will discuss the future of broadband, tech policy in the 118th Congress, social media, cybersecurity, and more. Confirmed speakers include Federal Communications Commission Commissioners Geoffrey Starks and Nathan Simington, National Telecommunications and Information Administration chief Alan Davidson, and Louisiana broadband director Veneeth Iyengar.

Broadband Breakfast will report on the conference on site in Las Vegas, Nevada, beginning Tuesday with pre-show media days. Tune in Wednesday, January 4, at 12 Noon ET for a very special Broadband Breakfast Live Online – “Live from Las Vegas for CES” – which will feature CES participants, including CTA Vice President of Regulatory Affairs David Grossman. In addition, Broadband Breakfast will conduct several one-on-one interviews with technologists during the conference week.

Broadband is not itself the end, but the means. “Better broadband, better lives,” signifies that connectivity empowers individuals and industries to improve their own states as well as those of their fellow human beings. Although “broadband” was nonexistent when the first CES was held in 1967 in New York City, today it is the indispensable factor that enables continuous innovation that drives ever-better communication, commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, agriculture, etc.

As technology develops and increasingly pervades the economy and daily life, policymaking becomes more fraught and complex – for legislators and bureaucrats alike. CES panels featuring policymakers will illuminate the tech-policy plans of various branches and levels of government that will shape America’s technological future.

This week, Broadband Breakfast will document the intersections of connectivity and end-user technologies, of innovation and policy.

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