Jeff Miller: Fixed Wireless Access Provides Opportunity for Lower-Cost Broadband

Fixed wireless has the potential to deliver data speeds that surpass current broadband networks.

Jeff Miller: Fixed Wireless Access Provides Opportunity for Lower-Cost Broadband
The author of this Expert Opinion is Jeff Miller, President and CEO of Synchronoss Technologies

Fixed Wireless Access is a growing area of interest for telecom operators, with the rise of 5G technology playing a pivotal role.

In the U.S., leading mobile carriers such as Verizon and T-Mobile, are fully embracing Fixed Wireless Access. Their customer base continues to grow as they lead the charge in deploying FWA services. Verizon reached over 1 million fixed wireless access customers last year and T-Mobile added 920K new FWA subscribers in Q3 alone, with their total FWA subscribers now reaching just over 3.2 million. Recognizing the potential of FWA, these operators are leveraging the power and ubiquity of their 5G networks generating new revenue streams.

Business potential for fixed wireless

Fixed Wireless Access provides operators with the opportunity to deliver broadband services to homes at a lower cost compared to fiber-optic connections. This offers a cost-effective approach for mobile operators to extend their coverage and tap into markets that may have been overlooked. Introducing new connectivity solutions to existing customers not only enhances ARPU and decreases churn, but mobile operators can especially broaden business development opportunities since the “last mile” cable infrastructure is no longer required to deliver service to households.

It is crucial for operators to act swiftly in seizing the home value-added services opportunities presented by a carrier-grade cloud offering powered by 5G FWA such as protecting data and content of every member within a household, benefiting both operators and subscribers alike.

FWA has the potential to deliver data speeds that surpass current broadband networks, enhancing the consumer experience, like sharing content across different devices, whether that’s sharing personal pictures or videos or the latest digital streaming content. FWA leverages 5G capacity to deliver faster services like lightning-fast uploads and downloads with minimal latency.

Another advantage of FWA is the swift and straightforward installation process, resulting in lower expenses when compared to fiber and cable technologies. Since FWA operates exclusively on wireless signals, the requirement for cables and extensive infrastructure deployment is eliminated.

FWA plays a crucial role in augmenting internet infrastructure and enables a diverse array of applications inside and outside of the home. By offering high-speed broadband connectivity, FWA facilitates the advancement of smart homes, ensuring dependable connections for access control, security and surveillance systems, appliances, entertainment, and collaboration tools.

Furthermore, FWA enables personal cloud services that manage digital content across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, even more convenient and user-friendly when coupled with faster connectivity.

FWA presents a solid structure for service providers to refine and improve on. Offering a cost-effective and exceptionally fast broadband service that is simple to deploy and install, consumers and service providers can experience a host of advantages, fostering a mutually beneficial situation. Consumers have access to a diverse array of new services and bundled offerings, while service providers can expand their customer base and reduce churn.

U.S. operators created the blueprint and service providers around the globe are following suit. This allows them to enter new markets and provides access to underserved areas. FWA has experienced significant growth in the United States and worldwide, providing compelling evidence of its increasing popularity and adoption.

Jeff Miller serves as President and CEO of Synchronoss Technologies. During his tenure as CEO, Miller has placed increased focus on driving the growth of the Synchronoss Cloud business, which has enjoyed accelerated subscriber adoption and expansion with new customers. Miller previously served as President for IDEAL Industries Technology Group, following a 16-year experience with Motorola Mobility where he served as Corporate Vice President of North America. Miller also serves on the Board of 1871, Chicago’s largest start-up incubator, and on the non-profit Boards of Aspire Chicago and Junior Achievement. This piece is exclusive to Broadband Breakfast.

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