The Cable Pipeline: Top 10 Predictions for 2010

Predictions for 2010 for Broadband, Cable TV, Telecom, and Wireless seen through the eyes of The Cable Pipeline.

FiOS installed in Montclair, New Jersey
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What will 2010 bring for the Cable-Telecom Industry’s? Broadband and Wireless will continue an evolution of defining the way we communicate and make decisions that affect our daily lives in significant ways. Relevant companies will struggle to deal with an ever increasing shift of consumer preferences in their business and home information, communication, and entertainment needs.

Here are my Top 10 Predictions for 2010:

  1. The FCC will move to increase regulation of ISP’s as a way to open broadband options for both business and consumers
  2. The Universal Service Fund will be re-directed to increase broadband access to the underserved
  3. The FCC will gain spectrum back from the broadcasting industry to advance Wireless industry initiatives and will continue to grow exponentially in 2010
  4. Consumers will look for economical and alternative ways to connect to the things that are important to them through a broadband global universe, including information, entertainment, education, and health
  5. Cable TV companies will struggle with a dwindling demand for linear programming and the consumers demand for viewing content on their own terms. TV Everywhere will be a success in the short term
  6. Cable-Telecom companies will continue to struggle with customer satisfaction issues and will begin to focus more on this issue as subscribers continue to migrate elsewhere. Companies like Cox Communications will continue to thrive due to a focus on quality engineering and customer service
  7. Demand for access to content on an A-La-Carte basis will gain ground with Over-The –Top Access Providers making significant head-way during the year
  8. Cable-Telecom companies with underperforming networks will be subject to buy-outs and take-over’s as the industry continues to consolidate and upgrade infrastructures
  9. Verizon (FIOS) will continue to gain market share where rolled-out due to its advanced capabilities for consumers and businesses
  10. The Cable-Telecoms will continue to make their bundles more competitively attractive as they compete for the one-stop-shopping experience

2010 will be all about the customer experience and a continued change in broadband dynamics. The Cable Industry will struggle with a diminishing demand for linear programming, and the success of alternative Over-The-Top models of content access.

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