UTOPIA Fiber Announces Connection Numbers for 2023

The community-owned fiber provider secured more than $35 million in new financing last year.

UTOPIA Fiber Announces Connection Numbers for 2023
Photo of "Welcome to Utah" sign via Joshua T on Pexel.

February 22, 2024 – UTOPIA Fiber released its 2023 numbers Tuesday highlighting a company milestone of completing five city buildouts in one year and attaining more than 60,000 subscribers.

The community-owned fiber network placed 2.7 million linear feet of fiber in 2023, connecting 23,059 homes, 1,272 businesses, 41 homeowner associations, and added 8,233 new residential subscribers.

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Here’s how UTOPIA Fiber’s 2023 numbers add up:

  • $35.63M new financing secured
  • 1.5 million linear feet of underground conduit installed
  • 2.7 million linear feet of fiber-optic cable placed
  • 5 new fully connected cities in Utah: Orem, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, Syracuse, and Santa Clara
  • 14 new footprints released
  • 23,059 new homes connected
  • 41 homeowner associations connected
  • 8,233 new residential subscribers
  • overall, 62,000+ subscribers, half of whom joined in the last 3-4 years
  • 1,272 new businesses connected
  • new Gig customer signups: 5,397 | Total Gig customers: 25,779
  • new 10-Gig residential customers: 37 | Total 10-Gig customers: 143
  • 4.6-star overall Google rating
  • 2000+ reviews
  • 60 Net Promoter Score

Created by a group of Utah cities, the Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency, or UTOPIA Fiber, is a community-owned fiber optic network that uses the open access model to promote competition, giving residents the option to choose between 15 private-sector ISPs.

Since 2009, the agency has designed, built, and operated nearly half-a-billion dollars worth of  fiber-to-the-home internet projects in 21 Utah cities and in 50 cities throughout the West for business class service.

These buildouts include operational partnerships with Idaho Falls, Yellowstone Fiber, and Bountiful Fiber, all of which have been funded by bonds that are paid back through subscriber revenue.

Notably, in 2023, UTOPIA Fiber forged a first of its kind operational partnership with Bountiful City to launch what it is branding "Bountiful Fiber powered by UTOPIA Fiber."

The project received unanimous city approval and broke ground in August 2023, after a comprehensive three-year research and evaluation process by the city, according to a UTOPIA Fiber press release.

UTOPIA Fiber has already begun releasing the first completed footprints of the Bountiful Fiber network.

"The magic of UTOPIA Fiber is that we are by and for the people in the communities we serve,” explained the ISP’s CEO Roger Timmerman.

"Residents and city officials were tired of waiting for fast internet to become available in their communities. They took the matter into their own hands—correctly characterizing fiber as vital infrastructure and demanding more choice and affordable pricing."

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