Broadband Measurement Summit

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Broadband Measurement Summit
An event in Washington on Thursday, March 7, 2024. Understanding BEAD challenges, FCC Nutrition Labels and more.

Also see the reports from the panels:

NTIA Greenlights Speedtest Data Integration in State BEAD Maps, Experts Say
The pre-challenge modification permits the inclusion of speed test data gathered from phones and devices equipped with GPS chips.
States Broadband Offices Detail Broadband Locations, Seek NTIA Flexibility
State broadband officers shared numbers of unserved and underserved locations within their respective states.
Make Methodologies for Broadband Performance Publicly Available: Panelists
The labels are tools to assist consumers in easily accessing information regarding the price, speed, latency, and privacy.

Don't miss the follow-up Broadband Analytics Seminar on March 19:

March 19, 2024: Broadband Analytics Seminar
How quickly is the installed base of fiber growing? How does the rate of growth vary by state and by county?

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