Adelstein Departing WIA, Ransomware Still ‘Ongoing Threat,’ USCellular New Board Nominees

Adelstein will be joining DigitalBridge Group in June.

Adelstein Departing WIA, Ransomware Still ‘Ongoing Threat,’ USCellular New Board Nominees
Photo of Jonathan Adelstein

March 23, 2022 – Earlier this month, the Wireless Infrastructure Association announced that its president and CEO Jonathan Adelstein will be departing the association for a position at a private equity company.

Adelstein, who was a regular panelist on Broadband Breakfast events, was instrumental in building up the association over the past 10 years, tripling its size and expanding its reach to “all corners of the wireless industry,” the association said in a press release.

Adelstein will take up a position in June as managing director and head of global policy and public investment at DigitalBridge Group, a private equity firm. The WIA said it is searching for his replacement.

“I feel a great sense of pride knowing that our work has prepared the industry to meet the challenges ahead,” Adelstein said in the release. “I’m grateful to the WIA Board of Directors for their guidance and support. I’m going to miss working with my WIA colleagues every day. We’re lucky to work in such a wonderful industry, and I’m thrilled to continue being a part of it.”

The departure follows the announcement that Claude Aiken of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association is leaving his own trade association in late April.

Nearly 80 of IT leaders ransomware still ongoing threat

Almost 80 percent of state and local information technology leaders say ransomware is an “ongoing threat,” but more than half of that 80 percent do not have a ransomware incident response plan, according to a national survey from Palo Alto Networks released Tuesday.

The survey also found that only 31 percent know that they have a completed incident response plan.

“Being prepared for an inevitable cyberattack needs to be a top priority for public entities,” Matthew Schneider, the vice president of state, local and education at Palo Alto Networks, said in a press release.

The report follows the passing by Congress this month of a bill that would require certain critical infrastructure entities to report cyberattacks withing 72 hours. The passage followed several high-profile cyberattacks that have rocked the nation, including at software company SolarWinds, meat producer JBS, and oil transport company Colonial Pipeline.

US Cellular nominates new board members

United States Cellular announced Tuesday the company has nominated two new board members to oversee its “long-term strategies.”

The company said it nominated Esteban Iriarte and Vicki Villacrez, who will be up for votes at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on May 17.

“We believe good governance involves continuous review of Board composition and the capabilities required to oversee our long-term strategies,” said LeRoy Carlson Jr., chairman of the board. “With the nomination of these two highly qualified professionals, UScellular will benefit from significant experience in the telecommunications field, with emphasis on wireless operations. Each nominee also brings a diverse background and perspectives that will inform UScellular’s strategy going forward.”

Iriarte is currently executive vice president and chief operating officer of Millicom International Cellular and Villacrez is expected to become the executive vice president and chief financial officer of Telephone and Data Systems in May, according to the release.

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