Applicants for Infrastructure Bill Money Should Get to Know State Broadband Offices

Those interested in federal money should engage in outreach, build solid teams, Broadband.Money head Jase Wilson said.

Applicants for Infrastructure Bill Money Should Get to Know State Broadband Offices
Screenshot of Jase Wilson during the panel Wednesday

WASHINGTON, February 16, 2022 — The head of an organization helping applicants get broadband funding urged those interested to get involved in outreach activities and get to know people in the state broadband offices.

In an interview with the Fiber Broadband Association on Wednesday, Broadband.Money head Jase Wilson said applicants chasing a portion of the $42.5 billion that the National Telecommunications and Information Association is handing out as part of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act will need to get close to those making the decisions.

Broadband.Money is in part set up to bring closer national and local leaders to share ideas and thoughts on the future of broadband in the country.

Wilson recommended getting in touch with state broadband offices, directors at internet service providers, being active on discussion boards, and generally making connections with others in the broadband community.

Wilson also recommended that the audience becomes familiar with how the program – the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program – will differ from past funding initiatives.

Applicants must be proactive, build a team

Wilson also urged internet service providers to “question their assumptions”. A poll of the webinar audience showed that 46 percent of the viewers assumed that their biggest challenge will be simply not knowing what to do. Wilson told listeners they need to take action themselves, because saying “we are waiting on the rules” and using the wait-and-see strategy is not a good idea. Instead, Wilson reminded the audience that being active in the broadband community is the right way to go.

Wilson also recommended those interested in funds build a team that will work together to make the process as efficient as possible. He noted such a team could be made of expert partners, consultants, investors, strong local operators, and other members of the local community.

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