Arkansas Hosts BEAD Digital Opportunity Conference

The event will address various components of Arkansas's BEAD funding and vision for non-deployment opportunities.

Arkansas Hosts BEAD Digital Opportunity Conference

The Arkansas State Broadband Office is set to host its Arkansas BEAD Digital Opportunity conference on Tuesday, June 25th in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The full-day event, structured into two segments, kicks off with a focus on how Arkansas manages its Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment fund, amounting to $1.024 billion. Discussions will encompass the intricacies of BEAD, including eligibility criteria, grant opportunities, and the broader impact on the state’s infrastructure.

Later in the day, the conference will pivot to broader implications beyond deployment, tackling topics such as workforce development, economic growth, agriculture and advancements in healthcare. This ties into the state’s broader broadband initiative, as Arkansas is one the few states allocating a share of its BEAD money for “non-deployment” purposes.

The speaker lineup includes representatives from the Arkansas Broadband Office, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, industry associations, civil society organizations, telecom service providers, among others.

The event is taking place as states are actively engaging in the BEAD challenge process, allowing eligible entities to submit rebuttals regarding the eligibility of locations or community anchor institutions for BEAD funding.

The conference is free to attend and welcomes all interested parties. View the agenda and registration details.

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