AT&T Sues T-Mobile Over Ad, Nokia Partners with Ready, LightPath Expanding

T-Mobile is being sued over an ad that said AT&T only gives discounts to seniors in Florida.

AT&T Sues T-Mobile Over Ad, Nokia Partners with Ready, LightPath Expanding
Jase Wilson, founder and CEO of Ready.Net

September 7, 2022 – AT&T is suing T-Mobile in Texas’s Eastern District Court for false advertisements about its senior citizen discounts, according to an article from Engadget.

The campaign at issue is one run by T-Mobile on August 30 called “AT&T and Verizon ban 92% of seniors from wireless discounts,” in which the company claims its competitors only offer discounts to seniors in Florida.

AT&T has called T-Mobile’s campaign “literally false” and an attempt to drive customers away from AT&T. AT&T notes that it has not banned seniors from discounts if they live outside Florida, the story said.

AT&T stated that it offers $10 off their Unlimited Premium plan for seniors in any state.

AT&T is seeking damages and an injunction against T-Mobile campaign. An AT&T spokesperson said that “T-Mobile’s claims are outright dishonest and completely false. It is not the first time they have spread misleading information.”

Nokia partners with Ready.Net

Finnish broadband equipment provider Nokia and, a platform created to help providers get a share of broadband funds, announced Wednesday they are partnering to bring high-speed connectivity to more unserved and underserved communities.

Nokia said it will provide its expertise to the platform through blueprint network designs and tutorials.

“Every dollar must go to efficient, built-to-last local networks in order to deliver on NTIA’s vision for high-performance, affordable access for all,” Jase Wilson, founder and CEO of Ready, said in a press release.

The federal government is investing billions of dollars to expand coverage to at least 100 Megabits per second download and 20 Mbps upload, including $42.5 billion from the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act, which spawned programs like the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment program and the Middle Mile Program from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

Nokia has a history of partnering with companies in order to serve more communities and provide internet to those that either don’t have access or are underserved. Last month, Nokia partnered with AST SpaceMobile to expand coverage via low-earth orbit satellites.

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Lightpath announces plan to expand connectivity in western Connecticut

Telecommunications company Lightpath announced Wednesday it will expand its fiber network through western Connecticut, which will consist of more than 70 miles of network.

The company announced it will connect Trumball and Norwalk, CT to Katonah, NY and cities in between as well.

Lightpath’s senior vice president Doug Turtz said that the company is “committed to enhancing our network and services for our existing customers, as well as continuing to bring Lightpath to new customers in more places.”

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