BAI Buys 1,100 Fiber Miles of Network, Workforce Training Partnership, New Executive at US Cellular

BAI will manage 1,100 route miles of fiber from ZenFi in the New York area as part of the acquisition.

BAI Buys 1,100 Fiber Miles of Network, Workforce Training Partnership, New Executive at US Cellular
Photo of Kevin Lowell of US Cellular from Chicago CIO

November 17, 2022 – BAI Communications, a communications infrastructure company, said in a press release Thursday that it acquired ZenFi Networks, an infrastructure solutions provider and small-cell deployment innovator.

ZenFi joins Mobilite and Transit Wireless as recent BAI acquisitions. BAI will manage 1,100 route miles of fiber network in New York and New Jersey as part of the acquisition.

“ZenFi’s unique expertise in fiber and small cell deployments in New York City and surrounding areas further strengthens BAI’s competitive position… while also providing us with new ways to partner with other [organizations] to address the digital divide in the underserved communities,” said BAI Communications Group CEO Igor Leprince.

Last October, BAI acquired Mobilite.

Sitetracker and Broadstaff partner to solve staffing challenges

Sitetracker and Broadstaff said Wednesday that they work together to address workforce staffing challenges in the telecommunications industry.

Sitetracker manages infrastructure deployment. Broadstaff provides hire and placement services to tech , communications and renewable energy companies in the U.S.

“Companies will be able to effortlessly hire experts trained in this specific software who will hit the ground running and fit directly into their current business practices, rather than learning on the job,” Broadstaff CEO Carrie Charles said of his company’s deal with Sitetracker.

In October, the Fiber Broadband Association announced its partnership with the Wireless Infrastructure Association to provide a more skilled broadband workforce and close the workforce gap. The broadband industry is facing a workforce shortage because there’s a lack of trained workers.

US Cellular promotes Kevin Lowell

US Cellular announced Thursday that Kevin Lowell will be promoted to executive vice president, chief people officer and head of communications by January first next year.

US Cellular is one of the largest full-service wireless carriers in the US and provides network coverage to help customers maintain connectivity. With its After School Access Project, it pledged to provide hotspots and services to help up to 50,000 children connect to the internet.

He will take the position of Deirdre Drake who will retire from his position at US Cellular before January next year.

Lowell has been with US Cellular for over eight years and held various positions. In his new positions, Lowell will deliver human resources and communications solutions to directly enable its strategic objectives.

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