Broadband Breakfast on May 8, 2024 – Smart Cities, Multi-Dwelling Units and Bulk Billing

Standard MDU practices like bulk billing have recently become controversial.

Broadband Breakfast on May 8, 2024 – Smart Cities, Multi-Dwelling Units and Bulk Billing

During the month of May, Broadband Breakfast Live Online will focus on broadband and smart cities! See other session descriptions.

As smart home technology rapidly integrates into urban living, innovative solutions emerge to cater to the unique needs of multiple households under one roof. While this evolution is contingent on having robust broadband infrastructure in place, regulatory policies such as bulk billing have recently become more controversial under Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. What's the optimal way to deliver high-speed internet access across these multi-unit residential buildings? How does bulk billing factor into the economics of MDUs? What role does managed Wi-Fi have in the equation?

Bulk Billing Ban Will Increase Consumer Costs, Say Providers
Expert panelists join the chorus of voices opposing FCCs proposed bulk billing ban on Wednesday’s Broadband Breakfast Live Online.


  • Daniel Myers, President, DojoNetworks
  • Ross Lieberman, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, Hotwire Communications
  • Bryan Rader, President of MDU, Pavlov Media
  • Philip Kantor, Vice President and General Counsel, Blue Stream Communications
  • Ted Hearn (moderator), Senior Editor, Broadband Breakfast

Panelist resources

The Smart City Blueprint for Urban Innovation
At play in Smart Cities: Data collection, smart infrastructure, IoT, communications technologies, regulations and more.

Dan Myers is President of DojoNetworks with understanding of the entire tech stack from networking, to hardware and software and has been involved in the tech and computer industry since 1980 and involved in wired networking for almost 40 years. Dan began developing websites and online applications in 1994 and launched his ISP in 1996. He was a pioneer in WiFi having built massive indoor and outdoor WiFi deployments as early as 2004 and also a pioneer deploying commercial pre-wifi wireless networking technologies since 1998 when he launched one of the world's first WISPs using FWA. In 2000, Dan deployed high speed internet to his first MDU client, over 24 years ago. Today, DojoNetworks is one of the leading ManagedWiFi providers for MDUs nationwide with 100% customer retention over a 24 year period.

Ross Lieberman is a broadband and pay TV industry veteran with 25 years of experience advocating for communications companies before Congress and federal agencies. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at Hotwire Communications, leading their federal, state, and local government affairs. Previously, Ross held the same title at ACA Connects, representing over 500 independent broadband and pay TV providers.

Bryan Rader is President of MDU Services at Pavlov Media, an internet company specializing in providing high-speed internet and television services primarily to multi-dwelling units. Prior to this role, he was Executive Vice President at Single Digits, Inc.

Upon joining a Miami law firm in 1985, Philip Kantor was provided the 1984 Cable Communications Act and asked to learn it. He worked on several matters that were the first decided favorably for the cable industry concerning such provisions as access to easements, theft of cable service and franchising issues for Comcast, TCI Cable, Cox Cable, ESPN, HBO and Showtime, among others. Kantor joined Blue Stream Communications as Vice President and General Counsel in August 2021.

 Ted Hearn is Senior Editor for Broadband Breakfast. He is also Editor and Publisher of Policyband, a new website dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the broadband communications market.

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