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WASHINGTON, March 12, 2009 – Thursday’s wireless edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio will focus on the hot topics of federal applications for stimulus spending grants, plus developments in the federal prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman on corruption charges.

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Tech Radio Today to Focus on $7.2 Billion in Federal Broadband Stimulus Grants

WASHINGTON, March 12, 2009 – Today’s wireless edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio will focus on the hot topics of federal applications for stimulus spending grants (partly in such broadband areas as wireless), plus major new developments in the controversial federal prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman on corruption charges.

This week’s guests for the weekly show webcast at 12 noon (Eastern) by co-hosts Andrew Kreig and Scott Draughon will be:

•    Drew Clark, executive director of Broadband  It charts broadband deployments and policy throughout the U.S, and focuses on how both incumbent service providers and new market entrants seek a piece of the $7.2 billion federal stimulus funds for broadband.   He’ll describe the federal government’s seminar this week on how to obtain, preview his own group’s webinar March 19 on how the money will be allocated.  Also, he’ll comment on the March 11Washington Post story headlined, “Stimulus Applications Could Overwhelm”

•    Priscilla Black Duncan, an attorney who represents Alabama attorney and whistleblower Dana Jill Simpson.  Duncan will discuss a federal appeals court decision last Friday confirming most of corruption charges against former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman despite Simpson’s claims that Siegelman was framed.

My Technology Lawyer Radio will continue with its cutting-edge coverage of Siegelman’s prosecution in Alabama, one of the nation’s most controversial in recent years.  A witness in 2007 before staff of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, Simpson filed an affidavit nearly two years ago claiming irregularities in the prosecution.  So did a group of 54 former attorneys generals in a friend of the court brief last May urging the appeals court to reverse Siegelman’s conviction.

Targets have denied the claims, as did the appeals court last week in affirming most of the charges against Siegelman stemming from 1999 when he was Alabama’s last Democratic governor. “This is an extraordinary case,” the Siegelman appeals court judges wrote.  It involves allegations of corruption at the highest levels of Alabama state government.”

Today’s show begins with a round-up of news related to wireless technology law and policy.  A Listen Live! link connects to today’s radio stream, plus archived past shows.  Radio listeners can call-in questions at 866-685-7469 or by email:

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About Priscilla Black Duncan

Priscilla Black Duncan is principal at the firm P.B. Duncan & Associates, L.L.C. based in Montgomery, AL.  Before undertaking a practice in criminal and civil law, she was the consumer affairs director for the office of Alabama’s Attorney General, and was an editor and investigative reporter for daily newspapers.

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Andrew Kreig draws on work in business, law, government and journalism.  Former president of the Wireless Communications Association International from 1996 to last summer, he is an attorney, author and journalist who is a leader in several technology-related public affairs organizations.

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