Ericsson in Kentucky, FCC Looking to Improve Emergency Alert Cybersecurity, BlackBerry partners with DHS

Ericsson partners with Eastern Kentucky network to provide 5G services.

Ericsson in Kentucky, FCC Looking to Improve Emergency Alert Cybersecurity, BlackBerry partners with DHS

October 16, 2023 – Ericsson announced Monday that they will partner with East Kentucky Network company Appalachian Wireless to modernize the network’s cell sites and deliver 5G services to parts of rural Kentucky.

Ericsson will provide equipment to help modernize those sites which is slated to include new radios and energy efficient software, which will replace RAN equipment. The majority of this implementation taking place throughout the next three years.

According to a press release, Appalachian Wireless, with this modernization project, hopes to be the first regional carrier to provide users with 5G services in order to bridge the digital divide.

“The project will offer transformative 5G services to hundreds of communities in eastern Kentucky and unlock a new era of growth, economic opportunity, and connectivity in the region powered by cutting-edge technology” said Eric Boudriau, vice president of Ericsson North America.

“No other carrier cares for Appalachia as we do, and we look forward to joining forces with Ericsson to meet the region’s growing needs as we prepare to deploy 5G,” added Mike Johnson, Appalachian Wireless CEO.

FCC announces roundtable to improve emergency alert security

The Federal Communications Commission announced Monday that on October 30, 2023, the agency will host a public roundtable to discuss improving the cybersecurity of the national Emergency Alert System.

The commission’s Bureau of Public Safety and Homeland Security will be partnering with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to deliver the roundtable and address improving the cybersecurity risk management framework of the alerting system.

Last October the FCC proposed a set of rules meant to protect the Emergency Alert System from cyberattacks, which will be used as a springboard for further discussion in this roundtable.

“As part of this ongoing effort, we are pleased to partner with CISA to sharpen the focus on the security of America’s alerting infrastructure. It is critical that these essential systems function in emergencies and that the public can trust the warnings they receive,” said FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

BlackBerry receives DHS contract to better personnel management

BlackBerry Limited announced Wednesday that they have entered into a seven year contract with the US Department of Homeland Security to implement a crisis management communication software department-wide.

The DHS plans to use Blackberry’s software, BlackBerry AtHoc, to better personnel accountability especially in matters of “crisis or disaster,” explained a press release.

BlackBerry AtHoc is a communication software that allows users within an organization to receive alerts related to safety situations as well as consistent updates, keeps employees and users accounted for and allows for easy flow of communication between users.

Blackberry will be partnering with American Systems and 4 Points Technology, two other tech consulting and project management firms, to help deliver the software outlined in the project.

“BlackBerry has been a proud partner of the United States Federal Government for almost thirty years. We are honored to expand our contribution to the nation with BlackBerry AtHoc for the Department of Homeland Security and all its components,” said John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry.

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