FCC Commits $77M More from Emergency Connectivity Fund

The money is for two new funding rounds to address the ‘homework gap.’

FCC Commits $77M More from Emergency Connectivity Fund
Photo of Nathan Simington, Brendan Carr, Jessica Rosenworcel, Geoffrey Starks of FCC (left to right), from FCC website

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2022 – The Federal Communications Commission announced Wednesday it is committing an additional $77 million for two new funding rounds through the $7.2 billion Emergency Connectivity Program that helps schools and libraries provide tools for remote learning.

The program was launched last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and provided schools and libraries three application windows to apply for support. The funding announced Wednesday supports over 175,000 students across the country in Colorado, Kansas, Ohio, Tennessee, Puerto Rico, and Washington.

“The Homework Gap is real.  Too many kids still lack access to the internet after the school day,” said Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel in a statement.  “We’re working hard to fix this, and this program is providing millions of students with the essential digital tools they need to succeed in school.”

Through this program, the commission has committed over $5.6 billion to schools and libraries across the country. It has supported approximately 10,000 schools, 900 libraries, and 100 consortia, providing 12 million connected devices and over 7 million broadband connections, read the release. The funding may be used to help students complete off-campus learning and homework.

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