Final ACP Outreach Partners, Pennsylvania’s Broadband Program,10 Gigabit Internet In Northwest

The FCC has been trying to get as many eligible Americans on the ACP as possible through outreach.

Final ACP Outreach Partners, Pennsylvania’s Broadband Program,10 Gigabit Internet In Northwest
Photo of Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority Executive Director Brandon Carson, from his website

April 11, 2023 – The Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday the final list of 34 entities that will be tasked with raising awareness of the commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

The 34 entities are divided into two different pilot programs: Your Home, Your Internet Program, which focus on outreach and application support of federal housing recipients; and the ACP Navigator Pilot Program, which provides assistance to low-income households to complete their ACP application.

The ACP provides connectivity subsidies of $30 and $75 per month on tribal lands.

Last month, the agency announced 23 applicants would receive nearly $5 million for the Your Home, Your Internet Program and $2.5 million to nine applicants through the navigator program.

Last year, the agency announced the Affordable Connectivity Outreach Grant Program to raise awareness for the $14.2-billion program. The commission, which announced last week that 17 million are enrolled in the program, has said that there are millions more Americans who are eligible but have not signed up — in part because they are not aware.

In November, the FCC announced four complementary grant programs to market the ACP: the National Competitive Outreach Program; the Tribal Competitive Outreach Program; Your Home, Your Internet Program; and the ACP Navigator Pilot Program.

Pennsylvania opening $200M broadband fund in May

The Pennsylvania Broadband Development Authority announced Wednesday approved guidelines for its Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program, which will open in May applications for the $200 million program intended to fund connectivity to businesses, non-profits, local government, and economic development organizations, according to a press release.

The application process will open on May 10 and end a month later on June 10.

The money is provided through the Treasury Department’s $10 billion Capital Projects Fund to “build line extension and development projects, as well as large-scale regional infrastructure projects.”

“The Authority is pleased to provide this funding to achieve last-mile connections and increase speed for underserved and unserved regions in Pennsylvania,” Brandon Carson, PBDA’s executive director, said in the release. “This is the first grant program the Authority is offering, and we look forward to seeing the impact it makes as we work to close the Commonwealth’s digital divide.”

The key requirement for enrolling the program includes 25-percent match, minimum request amount of $500,000 and maximum of $10 million, a plan to achieve universal broadband coverage, and participating in the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

Ziply announces 10 gigabit home internet in certain states

Internet service provider Ziply Fiber announced Monday the launch of its fastest 10 gigabit home internet service across the states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, according to a press release.

“Ziply Fiber’s new 10-Gig symmetrical service is available now and is 100% fiber all the way from our Core Network and connected to customers’ homes,” said Harold Zeitz, CEO of Ziply Fiber, in the release. “This new speed tier is widely available today throughout our four-state fiber footprint.”

This new home internet service costs $300 per month and requires a one-time $300 installation fee. Customers have the option of using their own routers or can lease from Ziply for $10 a month.

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