Mountain Connect Conference Kicks Off In Person Despite Virus Fears

Mountain Connect looks to determine if the industry still has the stomach for in-person interactions as infections rise.

Mountain Connect Conference Kicks Off In Person Despite Virus Fears
Photo of Dish Network headquarters from the company

August 9, 2021—Monday marks the first day of Mountain Connect 2021 conference in Keystone, Colorado, where industry experts from across the country will congregate to discuss the future of broadband development.

This year’s conference is putting an emphasis on digital literacy and inclusion—one of the many concepts that found itself as the tip of policy makers’ tongues during the pandemic. The conference will also touch on many flashpoint issues, such as the future of supply chains, 5G, 6E Wi-Fi, gigabit speeds, cybersecurity, and more.

Mountain Connect has touted itself as a conference for “visionary solutions,” and it will take vision to steer the country on the path to improve connectivity in a post-pandemic world.

Another one for in-person events

The conference will come following last month’s Fiber Connect 2021, which was almost a test case showing that the industry has an appetite for discussing these pressing topics in person.

In fact, in a move that could never be replicated over Zoom, Mountain Connect 2021 teed up the conference with an opening golf tournament at the Keystone River Golf Club.

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