New Project to Deploy Fiber to Military Bases Across U.S.

The company plans to deploy high-capacity dedicated networks for military installations.

New Project to Deploy Fiber to Military Bases Across U.S.
Photo of Fort Eisenhower sign by Katie Goodale

May 23, 2024 – Fiber provider eCommunity announced Monday that it will deploy fiber-to-the-home to U.S. military bases across the country beginning this month.

The initiative will kick off with a FTTH upgrade at Fort Eisenhower in Augusta, Georgia, marking the first significant communications infrastructure enhancement in 30 years at the base.

This upgrade aims to enhance the quality of life for military families, offering improved internet connectivity, better access to educational resources, and increased operational efficiency for military personnel. eCommunity said it will deploy a high-capacity dedicated network specifically for military installations, addressing the rising demand for high-speed fiber internet in base housing.

“Our mission to provide secure, reliable, and fast internet access for all military families is a pivotal step forward," said Jerrald Rector, COO of eCommunity. "Long overdue, but we have designed a non-civilian based network customized for our nation’s servicemen and women at Fort Eisenhower and beyond.”

Keith Quarles, president and CFO of A2D, which created and operates eCommunity networks, said that residential communities in military bases are often subject to the ecosystem in which they are located. As a result, these communities are subject to the same connectivity issues that surrounding areas do, specify those bases in rural and hard to reach areas of the country.

In addition, said Quarles, the residential side of the base has different priority than the operations side, meaning that there is a digital divide on base between residential and operational sides. Fort Eisenhower is the first of a national network completely dedicated to military housing, separate from civilian traffic to improve performance for those residents and minimize security concerns.

The press release concluded: “The initiative is expected to serve as a model for future enhancements across the nation, ensuring that military families enjoy the highest quality digital experiences.”

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