Nokia Touts First Products Compliant With Build America, Buy America Act

The chips are expected to give users faster services and help broadband reach homes and workplaces

Nokia Touts First Products Compliant With Build America, Buy America Act
Photo of Sandy Motley president of fixed networks at Nokia

April 26, 2024—Nokia has rolled out their first slate of products compliant with the Biden administration’s Build America, Buy America guidance, according to a Wednesday press release

The products, which were produced at the company’s Wisconsin manufacturing facility with Sanmina, will assist the company in their goal to furnish BEAD applicants with technologies needed to help address digital access disparities, the company says. 

The Build America, Buy America Act mandates that all infrastructure projects funded by federal dollars use iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials sourced from within the United States. 

Some industry insiders have voiced concern that these mandates will make it more difficult to complete projects within the five-year deadline. In response, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration issued a waiver to relax certain sourcing requirements, including nixing the 55 percent cost requirement for fiber electronic components.  

“As leaders in broadband, we're excited to announce a significant milestone: our Buy America-compliant products are now rolling off the production line, giving BEAD applicants and infrastructure providers access to technology that will be critical to bridging the digital divide. By aligning with Buy American guidelines, we're actively contributing to the U.S. government's mission of expanding nationwide broadband access,” said Sandy Motley, President of Fixed Networks at Nokia. 

Optical Line Terminal cards are the first set of products to roll off the Sanmina line, Nokia says. These products grant users access to speedy gigabit services. These devices play an integral role in fiber networks which help broadband data reach homes.

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