Oregon Encourages BEAD Pre-Qualification

Oregon broadband office raised concerns about BEAD funding gaps.

Oregon Encourages BEAD Pre-Qualification
Photo of Crater Lake, Oregon

July 8, 2024 - The Oregon Broadband Office anticipates that some project areas might not receive any bids in the first round of the Broadband Equity, Access and Development program.

As a result, the state is planning to open discussions with applicants who have already been pre-qualified but have not decided whether to seek BEAD funding.

The prequalification process is the first step in Oregon’s process in awarding BEAD funding. Prequalification requires a review of prospective grantees’ financial, managerial, and technical qualifications. It also judges their experience and capacity to deploy last mile broadband. 

The state encourages “all applicants to start now on compiling materials necessary to pass BEAD pre-qualification. Pre-qualification is necessary to receive any BEAD funding and for OBO to be able to reach out with support.”

OBO said that all providers interested in applying for the subgrantee selection process, even if they are not sure about participating in the first round, must go through the pre-qualification process. Those who have completed the pre-qualification process will be allowed to take part in negotiations for the second round of funding.

In June, Oregon was approved by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration for BEAD Volume 2, a key step toward  receiving $668.9 million in BEAD funds. 

New York, Louisiana, and Delaware opened their prequalification application processes in June and Missouri opened its on Friday.

BEAD is run by the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration. BEAD has $42.45 billion in money for the 50 states, Washington, D.C., and five U.S. territories. 

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