The List of NTIA Comments Filed April 13, Continued

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2009 – today supplemented its list of 117 substantive broadband-related comments filed on April 13 with 53 more substantive comments. These comments were also filed on April 13, but posted on the NTIA web site after 8:11 p.m. on Monday.

Editor’s Note (4/19) – The complete List of NTIA Comments is now available at

The List of NTIA Comments aims to include all substantive comments filed between March 10 and April 15 on the NTIA web site. For a growing number of comments, has provided a brief summary of the contents of the comment.

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2009 – On Tuesday, published a list of 117 substantive comments that were filed at the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration in its broadband stimulus proceeding, all on April 13, the final day of comments. That list was culled from more than 400 filed that day.

Today, supplements that list of 117 with the following 53 substantive comments, also all filed on April 13. (The following were posted on the NTIA web site after 8:11 p.m. on Monday.) The new, complete list of these substantive comments filed on April 13 is available at The List of NTIA Comments Filed April 13. intends to continue to categorize and systematize the comments that have been filed with the NTIA, included those done prior to April 13.

Ed. Note (4/16) – Individuals with questions about either list should e-mail Cody Williams,

The following list is in alphabetical order.

Advanced Emergency Communications Coalition | Comment

Alabama | Comment

Allied Fiber | Comment

American Tower | Comment

Apple, Inc. | Comment

Barling Bay, LLC and Caption Colorado | Comment

Benton Foundation/ University of Illinois | Comment

Bresnan Communications, Cequel Comm, Suddenlink, MediaCom, MidContinent, a group of mid-sized cable operators | Comment

Broadband Development Corporation | Comment

Broadband Diversity Supporters | Comment

California | Comment

Community Connect network | Comment

Conxx | Comment

CTIA- The wireless Association | Comment

Delta Regional Authority | Comment

Discovery Communications | Comment

East Central Vermont Community Fiber | Comment

EchoStar | Comment

Fiber Tower, middle mile focus | Comment

Free Press | Comment

Great Plains | Comment

Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network | Comment

Independent Telephone and Telecommunications Alliance | Comment

Iowa Health System | Comment

Jaguar Communications | Comment

Kodiak Kenai Cable Company, LLC | Comment

Lariat, a wireless internet service provider focusing on the “middle mile” issue | Comment

LEMKO Corp., next gen wireless | Comment

Loudon, Virginia | Comment

Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable, Vermont Department of Public Service, and the Massachusetts Broadband Institute | Comment

Montana Independent Telecommunications Systems | Comment

MSS and ATC Coalition | Comment

National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative | Comment

National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, DigitalBridge Communications Corp. | Comment

NWT Enterprises, which urges wireless backed by fiber | Comment

One Economy Corp. (Updated) | Comment

Pend Oreille County Public Utility District Number 1, Washington | Comment

Pennsylvania Governor’s Office | Comment

Ridgeview Tel | Comment

Rural Cellular Association | Comment

Rural Cellular Association | Comment

Rural Independent Competitive Alliance | Comment

San Francisco, California | Comment

SDF Consortium, a wireless network contractor | Comment

Shafter, Calif. | Comment

SkyTerra, which urges 20 percent to satellite services | Comment

Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company | Comment

Sunesys, LLC | Comment

T-Mobile USA, Inc. | Comment

U.S. Chamber of Commerce | Comment

Universal Service for America Coalition | Comment

Utopian Wireless | Comment

ViaSat | Comment

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