Treasury Approves $22.5M Funding for Broadband Healthcare in Washington, D.C.

The Whitman-Walker’s Max Robinson Center will be able to serve an extra 10,000 residents with telehealth.

Treasury Approves $22.5M Funding for Broadband Healthcare in Washington, D.C.
Photo of Max Robinson Center TKN from Walter-Whitman.

WASHINGTON, December 11, 2023 – The Treasury Department on Monday approved $22.5 million in funding from the Capital Projects Fund in part to provide connectivity to a community facility in Washington, D.C.

The funding is designated for the expansion of Whitman-Walker’s Max Robinson Center, a multi-purpose community facility known for providing essential healthcare services to underserved communities, particularly the LGBTQ community.

The expanded center will also offer public access to computer terminals and high-speed wireless broadband across the premises, according to a press release. It is also expected to enhance healthcare accessibility for residents, offering both telehealth and in-person visits. In particular, it will establish 63 examination, therapy, and consultation rooms, facilitating the expansion of telemedicine services.

“Connecting workers and families to training, education, and health care services is central to expanding economic opportunity and prosperity in communities across the country,” Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo said in a press release. “The expansion of Whitman-Walker’s Max Robinson Center, financed in part by the American Rescue Plan’s Capital Projects Fund, shows how the Biden-Harris Administration’s historic investments are building projects needed to expand access to critical health and educational services.”

Additionally, a portion of this investment will facilitate the construction of two versatile community spaces that will support community health and wellness initiatives. The aim is to accommodate an estimated 10,000 new patients by 2025, supplementing the current service of 5,000 patients.

Within the community space, there are plans to host resume building and interview skills workshops, along with educational and training programs tailored for local residents.

The CPF allocates $10 billion to states, territories, freely associated states, and tribal governments, aiming to support essential capital projects. These initiatives aim to expand economic prospects and bridge the gap in internet access within underserved communities.

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