Wisconsin Receives Another $140 Million in Capital Project Funding

The money will go to upgrading broadband equipment in community centers and apartment buildings.

Wisconsin Receives Another $140 Million in Capital Project Funding
Photo of money. Used with permission.

WASHINGTON, December 15, 2023 – The Treasury Department announced on Thursday $140 million in funding for connectivity devices and improvements to community centers in Wisconsin.

The money comes from the $10 billion Capital Projects Fund, a pandemic response measure that provides states money for broadband infrastructure and other efforts

that bridge the gap between connected and unconnected communities. About $9 billion has been awarded so far.

Wisconsin’s latest award will go to two separate measures: deploying computers and Wi-Fi equipment in apartment buildings and improvements to libraries and other community centers.

The community center improvement effort will get the lion’s share of the funding, $107 million. That money will spin up a new grant program called the Flexible Facilities Program. Local and Tribal governments can apply for funding to construct new facilities or purchase upgraded broadband equipment for an existing one.

Applications for that program will be available in January 2024.

The remaining $33 million will go to the Digital Connectivity and Navigators Program. In addition to new devices, the program will also fund trainings to help residents use them for work, education, and health care. 

Wisconsin was awarded $42 million in CPF funds to expand broadband infrastructure in 2022.

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