Broadband Breakfast on December 20, 2023 – Space Wars: What to Expect from Satellite Broadband

SpaceX and Amazon are poised to blanket the skies with thousands more satellites.

Broadband Breakfast on December 20, 2023 – Space Wars: What to Expect from Satellite Broadband

As satellite internet providers like SpaceX’s Starlink and Amazon’s Project Kuiper continue expanding, the race for space-based broadband is heating up. With the FCC approving SpaceX’s Gen2 satellite deployment and Amazon testing prototype launches, these companies are poised to blanket the skies with thousands more satellites. What are the implications of this new phase, particularly the potential for interference issues, orbital debris concerns and 5G backhaul capabilities? What about the regulatory and policy questions surrounding mega-constellations and space commercialization? Will satellite broadband address the current digital divide, potentially on a global scale? Join the discussion for informed perspectives on the path forward amid the space broadband boom.

Starlink Plans to Join Affordable Connectivity Fund Subsidy Program
Starlink has deployed about 5,500 satellites into low earth orbit, and the current generation service produces ‘urban-quality’ broadband, said official.


  • David Goldman, Vice President of Satellite Policy for SpaceX
  • Kalpak Gude, Head of Domestic Regulatory Affairs, Project KuiperASDF
  • Kelly Martin, Account Director, Eutelsat OneWeb
  • Drew Clark (moderator), Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

Kelly Martin is Director for OneWeb servicing government segments including government grant programs, federal government, state & local, and international defense. OneWeb’s go-to-market strategy is through distribution partners. In her director role, Kelly interfaces with AT&T, Hughes and X2nSat in bringing LEO satellite services to the end-user.

Kalpak Gude is the Head of Domestic Regulatory Affairs for Project Kuiper at Amazon. He is also responsible for Project Kuiper’s space safety and sustainability efforts on a global basis. Prior to Amazon, Mr. Gude was General Counsel at Swarm Technologies and President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance trade association. He has also had senior roles in the U.S. government at the FCC and U.S. Senate, as well as in industry at OneWeb, Intelsat and PanAmSat.

David Goldman is the Vice President of Satellite Policy for SpaceX. Prior to joining SpaceX in 2018, he was the Chief Counsel for the Senate Communication and Technology Subcommittee since January 2015. Before that, he served as the Senior Legal Advisor for FCC then-Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, and was her chief advisor on wireless, international, and public safety issues, along with responsibility for other issues of policy, strategy, public relations, and office operations.

Breakfast Media LLC CEO Drew Clark has led the Broadband Breakfast community since 2008. An early proponent of better broadband, better lives, he initially founded the Broadband Census crowdsourcing campaign for broadband data. As Editor and Publisher, Clark presides over the leading media company advocating for higher-capacity internet everywhere through topical, timely and intelligent coverage. Clark also served as head of the Partnership for a Connected Illinois, a state broadband initiative.

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