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WASHINGTON, April 23, 2009 – Drew Clark, Editor and Executive Director of, will be a guest on Thursday’s wireless edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio, focusing on the effectiveness of the new federal process for stimulus spending grants for broadband access.

Tech Radio Today to Focus on Federal Stimulus Funding Options for Broadband Grants

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WASHINGTON, April 23, 2009 – Thursday’s wireless edition of My Technology Lawyer Radio will focus on the effectiveness of the new federal process for stimulus spending grants for broadband access.  This week’s guests for the show webcast at 12 noon ET by co-hosts Andrew Kreig and Scott Draughon will be:

  • Drew Clark, Editor and Executive Director of Broadband  It charts broadband deployments and policy throughout the U.S, and focuses on how both incumbent service providers and new market entrants seek a piece of the $7.2 billion federal stimulus funds for broadband.   He’ll describe the federal government’s ongoing criteria for eligibility, including the definitions of unserved, served, and underserved.
  • Mike Dano, Managing Editor, Wireless Group, Fierce Markets.  He joined the digital media company this month after being the online editor for RCR Wireless News until the closing of the publication earlier in March.

Thursday’s show begins with a round-up of news related to wireless technology law and policy.  Topics will include the definition of “unserved” and “under-served” communities, and why the distinction is vital to the funding application process.   Illustrating potential results will be the different experiences of two towns showcased in a Washington Post article published today entitled, “Rural Riddle: Do Jobs Follow Broadband Access?” The article compared job growth in two rural Virginia towns following arrival of broadband.

Another topic will be the effectiveness of new lobbying restrictions on those seeking $787 billion in federal stimulus spending.  The rules announced March 20 require registered lobbyists to put in writing any advocacy to relevant government officials so that the request can be posted on the website  The purpose is to keep the public informed.  Funding lobbyists have been joined by several public interest groups in opposing the new rules.  Details:  Washington Post and Washington Times.  A Listen Live! link connects to today’s radio stream, plus archived past shows.  Radio listeners can call-in questions at 866-685-7469 or by email:

About Broadband provides news and information about broadband access and deployment.  Founded in January, 2008, it aims to publish the most timely and topical news on broadband, from the broadband stimulus package to proposals for a universal broadband fund.  It provides comprehensive public and transparent collection of data about local broadband speeds, prices, availability, reliability and competition.  Help fill the broadband data gap by “Taking the Broadband Census.” Details at

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