Ookla Launches Speedtest Insights Analytics Tool

Ookla announces new Speedtest Insights Analytics Tool to understand broadband data.

Ookla Launches Speedtest Insights Analytics Tool

April 4, 2024 — Ookla, a internet performance metrics and data analytics company, on Tuesday announced the launch of Speedtest Insights.

“Powered by the same crowdsourced Speedtest data, Speedtest Insights demonstrates real-world fixed and mobile network performance with metrics like Download Speed, Upload Speed, and Latency,” the company said in a statement.

The product will present users with a map displaying internet connectivity speeds and quality. The company said it wants the product to assist governments, regulators, infrastructure companies, and enterprises understand the connectivity quality of specific regions, categorizing areas as, “excellent, good, fair, poor.”

Users will be able to access connectivity trends in specific counties, state, and census tracts, according to the company. 

“Speedtest Insights helps governments, regulators, infrastructure companies, and other enterprises outside of the traditional telecommunications space” the company said.

In particular, users will have the ability to “analyze Signal Strength and Signal Quality with signal data drawn from billions of crowdsourced daily network samples.”

Access to “[c]omprehensive performance and signal information within key geographic areas" will help "monitor connectivity over time and ensure compliance with regulatory standards," according to Ookla.

Among the other features of the tool include, according to Ookla, the ability to:

  • See connectivity trends in the areas that matter most, no GIS skills required.
  • Visualize connectivity on an intuitive map with user-friendly data names and a simple “excellent, good, fair, poor” rating system.
  • Eliminate guesswork about whether or not a network provides adequate service in an area and avoid costly in-person testing.
  • Identify unserved and underserved areas to support grant proposals, win funding, and prioritize investment opportunities.
  • Measure real-world network performance and coverage.
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