Qwest Debuts New “Heavy Duty Internet”

WASHINGTON, July 23, 2010 – Yesterday, Qwest internet announced its intention to create a new brand of internet service called “heavy duty” internet, so named for its fast speed. The program’s advertising campaign declares it to be a “new kind of internet that doesn’t cut out while streaming your favorite movie, or during an all-out gaming marathon.”

The program’s specific capabilities include, according to Qwest, the ability to “download an average 30-minute TV show in as little as 44 seconds” and “an HD movie in as little as 10 minutes.” Uploading video files, meanwhile, takes place in a matter of seconds.

“Heavy Duty” internet is also slated to debut new security features. Qwest offers 2 GB of online backup at no charge with the program, with additional space available for extra cost. The program is also equipped automatically with a copy of Norton Antivirus online.

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