Treasury Department Announces $158 Million for Puerto Rican Broadband

The Capital Projects Fund money will go to infrastructure and community centers.

Treasury Department Announces $158 Million for Puerto Rican Broadband
Photo of Pedro Pierluisi, governor of Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON, September 6, 2023 – The Treasury Department Announced on Wednesday that it approved $158 million for broadband and technology projects in Puerto Rico.

The funding will provide $85.7 million to expand broadband infrastructure. It will go toward the construction of a submarine fiber-optic cable to the island, according to the Treasury.

Over $64 million will go to building and renovating 8-10 regional centers equipped with computers and high-speed internet, with the remaining $8 million covering administrative costs.

The money comes from the $10 billion Capital Projects Fund, established in response to the pandemic with the American Rescue Plan Act. The fund provides money to states, territories, and tribes for projects that enable work, education, and health monitoring.

Nearly $8 in CPF funds have now been awarded, with many states electing to use the money to finance broadband development.

“These funds will make a huge difference,” said Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi in a statement. “They  will help us ensure that our island has the necessary broadband infrastructure, and that all our citizens have the internet access, tech assistance, and training they need and deserve.”

Providers who use CPF-funded infrastructure are required to participate in the Federal Communications Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program. The ACP provides monthly internet subsidies for low-income Americans. The $14 billion program is expected to dry up in 2024, with no clear path to renewal.

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